Why It’s Time to Kill the Headphone Jack

kill the headphone jack

This week, Google killed the headphone jack on their new Pixel 2. It got me thinking. I always thought it was a pretty stupid move by Apple last year, the same immediate reaction I had when Google launched the Pixel 2. A couple of days later, after cooling down, killing the headphone jack really does make sense. Here’s why.

Wireless Charging is Beast

Of all the features added to my smartphones over the years, wireless charging is by far my favourite. I have a Choetech wireless charger at my desk and one of Samsung’s official ones beside the bed, both of which have fast charge – a close second favourite thing about smartphones.

Many were pissed by the removal of headphone jacks because you could no longer listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. Bring a wireless charger into your life and it’s no longer a problem.

Unfortunately, Apple’s iPhone 7 and Google’s Pixel 2 don’t offer wireless charging. The iPhone 8, however, does have wireless charging. Shows they’re catching on.

Bluetooth Headphones Make Sense

Walk around Dublin and pay attention to people’s headphones. You won’t be long realising that a load of people are already using Bluetooth headphones. Here are some of the most popular ones I’ve noticed on my Dublin safari walks:

  1. Beats Powerbeats3 Earphones
  2. Jabra Pace Earphones
  3. Sony BTN 200 Headphones
  4. Skullcandy Earphones

I’ve actually seen quite a few of Apple’s Earpods but they’re stupidly expensive, the likes of Google’s new Pixel Buds look like we’re closer to finding a happy medium between price and quality when it comes to wireless headphones.

There’s Always Adapters, Right?

When all else fails, smartphones that don’t have headphone jacks do have adapters. We’re at the stage now where you don’t even have to go straight for Apple’s official Belkin adapter. Amazon Basic also offers a similar product that some believe is slightly better designed and a little bit cheaper. They even offer free delivery to Ireland on that one too.

The space saved in smartphone design by removing the headphone jack makes phones smaller and packed with more tech. Considering we have so many alternatives nowadays, maybe it’s time to embrace the death of headphone sockets.


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