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As part of our coverage looking at startups selected for this year’s Google Adopt a Startup programme, we’re taking a closer look at SureSitter. Founded by Sinead Asple and Paula Reilly, two busy working mums, SureSitter was created to help people find trusted babysitters.

Demand for SureSitter

I don’t have kids but I can only imagine that finding babysitters these days is a nightmare. I was also lucky enough to have my parents working from home all the time, a real rarity back in the day, but this meant we didn’t really need babysitters. Of course, I know people do need childminders and since moving to Dublin, even I can see what the problem is here.

No one knows their neighbours anymore. At least I don’t beyond the nod and a smile you give each other. You might trust them to take in an Amazon delivery or something, but you’re not going to let them mind your kids while you head out to dinner. And this is exactly why Sinead and Paula founded SureSitter.

There are traditional means of finding babysitters, but it’s often time-consuming, can be, incredibly expensive and other options like creches don’t suit because of timing or distance from the home. As is often the best inspiration for a startup, these two women set about solving their own problem and reduce the stress of juggling work and childcare.

Finding A Babysitter Near You With SureSitter

SureSitter is a dual purpose platform and by this, I mean parent/parents and babysitters can use the service. It’s effectively a marketplace where parent/parents can come and hire babysitters with a trusted track record. There are benefits for both parties to use SureSitter. For babysitters, you have the opportunity to list your services and get more work. For parent/parents, you can remove the guesswork of selecting a babysitter and remove the anxiety of leaving your children with someone you don’t know.

In the past, babysitters were your neighbour or might have been referred to you by a friend. Today, this is much more unlikely as we often don’t know our neighbours and perhaps your friends haven’t had children yet.

Babysitters Using SureSitter

For SureSitter to be a success there has to be enough babysitters for hire. That’s why the founders made one crucial step in the right direction. It’s completely free to register as a babysitter. Better still, SureSitter doesn’t take any of the fees earned for the job. There’s really no downside for childminders listing their services for hire on the site.

You have to be over 18 and must provide a profile photo, but there’s no further vetting. If you are Garda vetted you can add this to your profile and parents will see it. However, SureSitter does not carry out further background checks. For this reason, you should ask whoever hired you to review you. This will help you get additional gigs.

How much you earn from the job is decided between you and the hiring parent or parents. You’ll receive payment at the end of your job, but that’s all arranged off-site between you and the parent/parents.

Parent/Parents Using SureSitter

You’re nearly there. You can nearly go for that meal. You can almost taste the wine, but you’ve got to hire a babysitter first. I can only imagine how stressful this is. Not just the process of finding a childminder, but also leaving your children with them. SureSitter can help with this.

As a parent seeking a childminder, you must pay a €15 listing fee to advertise for a babysitter. How much you pay the childminder is between you and them, arranged away from the SureSitter platform. Your listing will remain on site for 14-days and auto-renew if not taken down. Important to note that you will be charged €15 every time this rolls over.

Babysitters are not vetted by the SureSitter platform, but you will be able to see previous reviews of your potential childminder. For this reason, it’s really important you review your babysitter too. This is what drives the platform.

Whether you’re a parent or a babysitter, SureSitter can help you either find work or get a childminder. It’s not just for finding babysitters nearby in Dublin either as SureSitter is a nationwide service. Remember, they’re just starting out, but the future is bright for these guys.

Google Adopt A Startup Program

Every year, Google adopts a selection of startups and provides them with access to the knowledge and experience required to help them grow. When they complete the program it comes down to a battle to the death; not literally of course. Each startup will have the chance to pitch their own unique growth plan to a panel of select judges. The prizes up for grabs include €10,000 in Google Ads credit and eligibility for the Google Cloud Programme which includes $100,000 in Google Cloud Credit.

The 15 companies selected for the Spring Adopt a Startup Programme are; Allergy Lifestyle, Vrai, Change Donations, ConstructionBOS, Coroflo, Danalto, EdgeTier, FarmHedge, Limtz, Moby, PepTalk, RideShair, SureSitter,Teemie and Wrkit.

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