New wearable available from “Snapchat Bots”

A few weeks back, Snapchat, now known as Snap Inc, announced Spectacles. Spectacles are the one wearable on this planet that should be able to make us all forget about Google Glass. Spectacles are now available to buy in the most unique product launch to date. Keep an eye out for Snapchat Bots.

Buy Spectacles from Snapchat Bots

snapchat bots

Isn’t it just adorable? Certainly, one of the more creative product launches, Snapchat updated their site with a map showing the location of this little Snapchat Spectacles Bot. It’s a vending machine that will be touring the US in the coming weeks. To keep track, Snapchat has created a map for people to go pick up their Specs.

What else have we learned about Spectacles

Snapchat has released compatibility information detailing which devices can use Spectacles. Those hoping to just aboard the Specs train shouldn’t start holding their breath just yet. Further details surrounding the charging case have also been published. When folded, the Specs reveal a charge port, which also allows charging while sitting in the casing.

Snapchat Spectacles casing

When are the Snapchat Bots coming to Ireland?

Snapchat is currently stating the Bots are the only way to purchase Spectacles. They will be updating their locations map with further details, but it looks like Irish users shouldn’t hold their breath for the time being.

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