Snapchat Spectacles are real. These cool wearables are from Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc. Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s Snap Inc.?

Snap Inc is the newly formed parent company of popular app Snapchat. The founders of Snapchat decided they had more to offer the photography space and needed a new company format to develop.


What are Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat Spectacles are a simple, but mental, idea. You take a pair of mad looking sunglasses and whack two cameras onto the sides. Slip some battery power into the frames, connect it to Snapchat and watch the money roll in.

In the past, some have worried about the privacy of such things. Google Glass falling flat on its face because it had privacy issues and was extremely uncool. The funky looking Snapchat Spectacles will appeal to the masses, coming in teal, black and coral. When you’re “Snapping”, lights pop on around the camera to tell others what you’re at – giving some sort of privacy.


How do Spectacles work?

When wearing the Spectacles, just tap the side of the frames and then a ten-second video clip is recorded and sent to your Snapchat story. The dual-lenses capture video through an 115-degree field of view, much closer to actual eyesight. As a result, your memories look much more authentic than those captured with a smartphone camera.

how are snapchat spectacles charged

Snapchat Spectacles come with a case which does more than just protect. The case doubles as the way of charging the Spectacles.

How much do Snapchat Spectacles cost?

Snapchat’s sunglasses won’t be too insanely priced given the relative cost of some traditional pairs on the market. You can expect to pay between €120 and €150 to get your hands on what is likely to be the hot accessory of Summer 2017. To get your hands on them this side of the Atlantic right now will mean you’re paying a premium though.

When are they launching in Ireland?

We’ve been in touch with Snap Inc and were informed there is no plan to release outside the US just yet. They didn’t deter us from picking a pair up in New York though, you know when we’re just casually popping by like.

You can, however, get Snapchat Spectacles on right now and get them delivered to Ireland via Parcel Motel.

The Snapchat Spectacles had a really cool rollout in the states. Pop-up vending machines were the only place you could get them. They are now available in New York from a dedicated store. We asked Snap Inc when we could expect to see them over this side of the pond, but unfortunately, they had nothing for us. It’ll be this year and surely before the summer. We’ll be updating this page and announcing on Facebook as soon as we know more.


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