How does the Samsung Note 7 rate alongside the Galaxy S7?

You read the headlines correctly – Samsung opted to christen their next big launch the Note 7. This of course skips straight passed the 6 to align the Note range with the Galaxy series. Many are asking just what makes the Samsung Note 7 different from the stunning Galaxy S7 range, so we seek the answer.

Samsung Note 7 and Galaxy S7 design

note 7Up first is the design of the both the Note 7 and Galaxy S7. You can tell straight away the two are related. The same exquisite aluminium framework and sleek glass bodies compliments the sophisticated styling. All that remains as a discernible difference is the size. The Note 7 comes with a hand shattering 5.7” display in comparison the S7’s 5.1” screen.

The camera and flash positioning remains the same across the two models as does the curvature and bezel work along the phones framework. Essentially you can not tell the difference between the two unless you were to look at the base of the Note 7 and spot the slot for the stylus. This is of course unique to the Note range.

The S-pen (stylus) as they call it is useful component in the phablet’s arsenal. Using the screen one handed to type and scroll is simply a no go for those of us without shovel hands. The Note and S7 share the same water resistance with a standard rating of IP68. IP68 allows for the phone to sit in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. Of course this gives you enough leeway to show off by dropping your phone in a pint as you sip away whatever floats your boat really. The S-pen will also be waterproof for the first time. Oh and did we mention this year’s Note 7 will be introducing the Gorilla Glass 5? This is next generation of durable screen glass with the latest USB type C charging port also featuring. This is akin to a Goos3D favourite – the OnePlus.

Displays of the phones

Another first for the Note range is the dual edge screen, first featured on the S6 Edge. It’s a little bit gimmicky but it’s very aesthetically pleasing and generally speaking – it’s cool. Users will also enjoy a jump up to 577ppi Super AMOLED screen from 518ppi.

Performance and features

Diversity need not apply. The Note 7 shares many of the specifications seen in the Galaxy S7. The Note 7 will pack more RAM but the main change comes in the security department. We first had PIN numbers, then it was patterns followed by the cool fingerprint scanners. The Note 7 will go one further and employ retina scanning security technology. Yes, the phone will unlock with your eyes. This tech is apparently 100 times more secure than fingerprint scanners. If you wear glasses though, this feature won’t be a huge benefit as they must be removed.

Software of the flagships

note 7 s-penThe S-pen is the main leader of software changes. With the phones capable of achieving very similar tasks, the S-pen paves the way for numerous innovative ways of interacting with your phone. You can quickly translate things, create GIFs and combine the Always-on-display with the stylus to allow users to always take notes, even with the screen locked. Between the phone and the S-pen, the Note 7 can detect a massive 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity – which we can’t tell exactly why, but is extremely exciting.


Samsung follow their own trend from recent years with the Note 7 and increase the power 3000mAh to 3500mAh. While it’s a great increase the extra screen size, processing power and Edge functionality, the reality is the Galaxy S7 is more likely to outlive the Note 7. It’s a slight let down that the previously touted 4000 mAh didn’t happen. Still, the wireless adaptive fast-charging capabilities remain, which coupled with USB-Type C, provide a great charging experience (just accept you need to buy some new devices).

The verdict

From what we have seen so far, the Samsung Note 7 is a competent handset capable of holding up the worthy Note name. The RAM and S-pen are stand out features but many specs align to the traditionally lesser Galaxy range. With a possible Galaxy S8 announcement due in five months time, we’re on the fence as we expect most innovations to accompany the next Galaxy.


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