prime time tonight electric scooters

The debate is going national.

Gardai have started to clamp down on electric scooter usage in Ireland. Last week, seizures increased with Gardai citing the driving of an MPV without tax and insurance as the law being broken. This is despite most electric scooter users that I’ve seen around Dublin riding the Xiaomi m365; a scooter which cannot be classified as an MPV.

Legislation has been slow to change, leaving scooter riders in a grey area right now. Gardai have decided it’s for a judge to choose whether or not these are MPVs while scooter riders continue to argue they cannot be classified as such. The debate has roared to the point where it got a Prime Time slot tonight on RTÉ.

It was a good, honest account of the situation and plenty of positivity on Twitter too.

Now, time will tell how scooters fair in the country. I’m feeling more positive after that piece.

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