ZUta: The mini mobile printer that might just make printers cool again

zuta the mini mobile printer

Who doesn’t love Kickstarter project? Well, we sure do and it is always great to see where a successfully funded can go. The harsh reality is that quite a lot of these projects don’t make it even with the backing of the public. So it’s nice to see when a project like ZUtA, mini mobile printer upset the odds.

What is the ZUta?

Although the desktop printer has gotten smaller and easier to use they are no match for smartphone portability. This is precisely where the ZUta, a mini mobile printer, comes in. It’s small enough to be taken anywhere, can print on any size paper and lets you print directly from your smartphone or tablet. It weighs in at a meagre 350 grams, making it light enough to drop into a laptop bag or a school bags. I’m sure if you’re a student or commuting business person this is music to your ears.

Why would I need a mini mobile printer

How many times have you needed to print concert tickets or a boarding pass but didn’t have a printer? Chances are you think having a printer would just take up to much space. Either that or you’re printing in the office – tut tut. Still, emergencies do pop up from time to time. And you’ll be caught out without a printer someday. So why not have one sitting in the drawer. ZUta claims the ink cartridge will last for over 1000 pages and the battery for over an hour when fully charged.It’s the best bit about the ZUta. I just love how portable, yet efficient and actually practical this is. Not to mention it’s bloody cool. It meets all the cool gadget needs. Just look at it:

The ZUta will only launch in two colours and will initially only print in grayscale. You’ll probably have to wait a while longer to get colour. Unfortunately, waiting has become par for the course if you’re backing complicated gadgets like this.

Innovating isn’t easy

Right now, the Kickstarter comments page for the project does have a few angry backers from the very start. The ZUta was supposed to be delivered in January 2015 but none have landed yet. The creators have a new target of later this year. While this will certainly upset a few backers, others will understand that things like this happen. The ZUta will really be pushing technology to the max and that takes time. Plus, there have been some real horror stories of massive projects simply vanishing.

Quite simply the ZUta is a groundbreaking idea and one we are very keen to get hold of.


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