You only ever get to make a first impression once. If you’re on the job hunt right now, you might not even get to make one in person. More employers are relying on LinkedIn profiles instead than CVs these days. That’s why it’s important to have a belter of a LinkedIn profile photo. There’s a new service that will scan your LinkedIn profile photo and tell you how you’re doing.

Say hello to Snappr

First of all, Snappr won’t help with you any cropping when it comes to your LinkedIn profile photo.

Snappr appInstead, Snappr takes a scan of your lovely face and runs it through an algorithm. The Snappr team have been busy analysing thousands of photographs. More importantly, they’ve also been looking at what people think of these photos. The app judges your LinkedIn profile photo’s likability, influence and other subjective attributes.

What makes a great LinkedIn profile photo?

Well having me in it helps. No? Sorry, let’s just move on.

Snappr helps take a great linkedin profile photoSnappr starts out by assessing your face. This involves focusing on your jawline, squinch and, of course, your smile. For those of you wondering, squinching is closing your eyes slightly. Who knew?

Next, the service shifts focus towards the actual composition of your photo. Composition considers how zoomed in you are, the rule of thirds and the background of your LinkedIn profile photo.

Editing is the final consideration Snappr makes for your photo. Again, these are technical photography attributes but are often easy to tweak. You’re looking at the likes of brightness, contrast and temperature. Basically, everything that today’s Instagram filters play around with.

The real idea behind Snappr

Photo analysis is just a side gig for the team at Snappr. Their bread and butter is becoming Uber for personal photoshoots. For now, you will have to make do with their analysis. Snappr is an Australian startup, not yet expanding beyond Oz.

So get to it. Check out if your LinkedIn profile photo cuts the mustard. The service might not always be free for new users. But if you use it now you will get free lifetime usage.

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