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Generally speaking, we try to stick to helping out consumers with their shopping more than anything else. However, during COVID-19, we’ve touched upon a few stories aimed at helping people with their businesses. The reason for that is because many lines have been blurred over the past 12-months. Some people have lost jobs and bravely set up on their own. Some established businesses have moved everything online. Basically, we know that many Goosed.ie readers may be running a small business or know someone who is and this news might just be helpful to someone.

Pointy is an old flame of Goosed.ie too which helps. I’ve met them a few times and just love their product. Today, Point announced they would be offering free devices to help retailers build an online presence.

Point Offering Free Devices

Pointy, which was recently enough acquired by Google, is looking to give their devices to small and medium retailers in Ireland. The goal is to help more retailers, who had previously focused on physical stores, selling online.

pointy free device

As an added bonus, Irish retailers who connect with Pointy in the next six months will also get €100 ad credit to trial Pointy’s Product Ads feature.  

Mark Cummins, General Manager at Pointy said, “being visible online has become critical for brick and mortar retailers throughout the pandemic, but that can be a challenge for smaller retailers who may not have the resources to build and maintain an e-commerce platform. Pointy creates an online presence for these retailers automatically, to help them showcase their product offering”. 

The Challenge For Irish Retail

Irish retailers, traditionally, have been slow to adapt to online and the pandemic has caught many off guard. A recent study carried out by ourselves here at Goosed.ie found that 40% of people in Ireland still chose to shop on Amazon.co.uk, despite the additional friction and costs introduced by Brexit. Irish shoppers are seeking value and choice and if retailers have the perfect items in-store but not online they might be overlooked. Being “findable” is the first step in the battle with online giants like Amazon.

Irish shoppers want to support local retail with 66% of people who shop local say they are doing so in a conscious effort to support local businesses. That sentiment won’t last forever so now is the time to get your online presence up and running and start winning new customers, whether they purchase in-store or online.

How Pointy Works

Point integrates with many till systems already. As items scanned through, the system learns what the store has in-stock and populates online ads and placements. Displaying products on Google can help retailers make the most of current consumer sentiment and encourage more footfall to their stores, as consumers can see that the products they are searching for online can be bought locally. Indeed, customers are still going to stores, but they want to be more selective and precise, carrying out research online before either buying online or making a quick trip to a shop.

Pointy works by creating a connection between physical stores and Google so that their products can appear in local Google search results, which can help attract shoppers in the surrounding area to the store.

“Pointy is an essential tool for businesses in Ireland,” said Lorraine Higgins, Secretary-General, Digital Business Ireland. “Helping online shoppers find the products they need in their area is a new way for businesses to connect with their customers and boost their visibility in an ever-competitive digital marketplace”.

Retailers can find out more about Pointy and see if they are eligible for this program.

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