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I’m already quite excited about the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival, as you may have already read. That excitement was based on the fact whiskey and tech was coming together again. Then the guys over at the festival released the programme for the day and excitement levels went through the roof! Here are the five movies, all shot using a smartphone I might add, that I’m most looking forward to at the festival.

Upend | Directed by Blake Worrell

Smartphone filmmaking is remarkable for one simple reason. Until you watch movies and footage with the knowledge it’s for a smartphone film festival, you’d have no idea mobile phones were used at all. Upend is a visual treat in that sense, shot completely on an iPhone 6s.
From the United States and directed by Blake Worrell, Upend is a science-fiction/fantasy movie about a father who falls into an adventure in search of his son. It deals with the mental anguish of loss and the resultant impact on relationships all through a short journey that ends up in the most unexpected places. Can anyone believe him?
This is probably the most visually pleasing movie on show at the 2019 Dublin Smartphone Film Festival so be sure to catch it.

Dulcinea | Directed by Francisco Lidón Plaza

I’m gonna call it. I think this will be a crowd favourite at the festival this year.  There’s something charming and madcap, in some ways literally, about Dulcinea.

Directed by Francisco Lidón Plaza, Dulcinea tells the tale of a young knight and his shield bearer. They travel the country in search of adventures pretending to be in a classic novel. But these are very hard times and it won´t be easy to become Don Quixote and find the lady he loves.

I laughed out loud just watching this so you’re in for a treat.

Missing Things | Directed by Jason van Genderen

Anyone who has lived through a loved one experiencing dementia will know how horrible it is. Dementia takes away the person you love in small pieces. In this Australian documentary, the director chronicles what it’s like to live with his mother who has dementia. 

Because of the smartphone filmmaking revolution, more people can capture stories that mean something incredible to them. You might have heard of people losing loved ones fearing they’ll forget the sound of their voice or struggle to remember their face. I lost my father last year and recently found some videos. It triggers a powerful memory and now these are some of my most treasured things in the world.

Missing Things, shot entirely on an iPhone 8, might just inspire people to capture more meaning moments. Your smartphone is for a lot more than just taking pictures of dinner.

Sonatina | Directed by Wong Hoi

It’s safe to say you’ll have a fair few chuckles at the festival this year. This Chinese movie, directed by Wong Hoi, looks absolutely gas.

Chow, a new bodyguard, is puzzled by a strange woman who shrugs her shoulders, shakes her head and smiles at him. He asks his colleague Mak, but both cannot figure out why. Mak finally knows the real meanings of her act when he was shot at an accident.

Catch the trailer here, but catch the full show at the festival.

Happiness | Directed by Dimitar Dimitrov

This movie is beautiful. From last year’s winner, Dimitar Dimitrov, Happiness looks at the dark we all experience. The crushing power of the ordinary, everyday life, which inevitably devours the dreams, the love and the belief in the extraordinary. 

This is almost guaranteed to be a highlight from the festival this year.


With all that on offer and loads more too, what are you waiting for? Check out the full programme or buy yourself a ticket to the 2019 Dublin Smartphone Film Festival now for just €15.
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