Irish Startup ClubApp at Web Summit

We’ve been trawling the 2015 Web Summit looking for our favourite Irish startup and have stumbled upon ClubApp.

If you follow sports, you’ve probably had a few sneaky looks at Livescore while at mass or work. ClubApp provides a similar, though much better looking, live scoring system for major leagues, but goes a step further to provide a medium through which smaller teams can also receive a top level of coverage.

Speaking with Goos3D at Web Summit 2015, ClubApp CTO, Pratheesh Chambeth highlighted the importance of ensuring the app remains simple to use but good looking. Chambeth outlined how each club can have two admins who look after live scoring and event updates in games, with the app already gathering a particularly strong following in Cork and Kilkenny. He continued to let us in on some updates hopefully planned for January launch which could bring coverage of local GAA to a whole new level.

ClubApp TVAn existing feature, ClubApp TV, provides a match data centre made available in Super HD through a web-app. Just imagine this on in your local for those who couldn’t make it to the game and no televised coverage was available. “Whenever there is a big Cork City match, Soho (a bar in cork) puts ClubApp TV on for their customers to follow the game”. Chambeth continued to outline hopes that a January release could see those who update scores and game events also provide live video coverage. Just to give some context, this means the lads who moved to Australia from Kilmoyley, Co. Kerry could watch their old parish playing a small minor hurling game thanks to the ClubApp.

But the lads of Kilmoyley wouldn’t be the first to use ClubApp to keep track of events back home when their away. Padraig Harrington has given the app his seal of approval for keeping up to speed with home when on tour.

We might be guilty of some classic blue sky thinking there, but should the masses take to using ClubApp, it could change how we interact with, and absorb information relating to, our local teams. You can download the ClubApp for all platforms, allowing you to track or provide live match data for your club now.

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