Can tech help provide insurance for young drivers?


Ireland is in dire straights at the minute when it comes to car insurance. Drivers up and down the country are getting ridiculous quotes for premiums and renewals. Now, pause for a moment and imagine your a young driver who can no longer swing the name driver with a parent trick. Yeah, pretty harsh scenario right? BoxyMo is hopefully going to do something about that making insurance for young drivers more accessible.

What is BoxyMo?

The biggest problem with car insurance is that one size does not fit all. If you’re a young and responsible driver, you’d feel fairly hard done by to see an older bad driver get preferential treatment. Even as I typed that, it seemed unfair, but it’s happening in Ireland right now simply because it’s how car insurance is sold. A growing motto here in Goos3D Tower is how much we love disruptive tech, tech that changes how we do things. BoxyMo fits that mould.

The biggest problem with car insurance is that one size does not fit all

Simply put, BoxyMo is a really simple device that gets fitted to your car and reports on your driving. The better your driving, the lower a risk your are and so the lower your car insurance is.

What does BoxyMo monitor to determine risk?

BoxyMo looks scans several different aspects of your driving to determine your risk on the road:

  • How often you drive after midnight
  • How often you drive
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Hard breaking
  • Breaking speed limits

The tiny little box in your car reads all these signals and adjusts your insurance respective.

How much does BoxyMo cost?

How good a driver are you? Without trying to be smart, it really does depend on your driving style. We got in touch with BoxyMo and they’ve said that their drivers have experienced savings up to 20%, once they’re responsible on the roads of course.

In an effort to try and connect with younger drivers, the company this week launched a retro-styled 8-bit game. While the game is pretty cool and all, the character names just tickle that part of my humour that I’m pretty ashamed to admit exists.

boxymo provding insurance for young drivers

Jump in and give the game a go.

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