How To Stop Facebook Auto-playing Videos With Sound

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Facebook regularly releases updates which they’ve painstakingly tested to ensure they improve your experience when using their platform. Despite all this care, the social media giant has decided to start playing sound with videos automatically – which is ridiculous. Here’s everything you need to know and a quick guide to help you stop Facebook auto-playing videos with sound.

What’s The Problem With Auto-playing Sound?

Smartphones are one of the most life-changing pieces of technology in human history. The sheer volume of smartphones in the world is incredible. They help us navigate from A to B, play endless playlists of music but most importantly, pass the time in the bathroom. 75% of people have admitted using their phone on the bog and the rest were lying.

Now, the problem here is the office. What happens if you’re on the porcelain throne when a colleague enters the bathroom just as you hit a video by Korean Billy going through Irish phrases? Sure, it’s far from incriminating but at best it’s a little odd to hear that coming from a cubical.

How To Stop Facebook Auto-playing Videos With Sound

After receiving a push notification from Facebook, alerting me to the fact they were turning on auto-play sounds in videos, I got the fear and set about turning this off for good.

How To Stop Facebook Auto-playing Videos With Sound

To avoid such awkwardness in the workplace all you need to do is take a few simple steps. Here’s how to stop Facebook auto-playing videos with sound:

  1. Open the Facebook App on your smartphone
  2. Tap the menu “burger button”

facebook burger buttons

  1. Next, look for App Settings

app settings to disable sound in facebook

  1. Hit the toggle beside “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound”

videos in news feed start with sound toggle

There ya go. Bob’s yer Uncle.

Bonus tip: 

While you’re in Facebook’s App Settings, take a quick look at when your videos auto-play. If you’re away on holidays, even with new roaming laws, it’s probably a good idea to disable this or limit it auto-play to WiFi only. You find your options and be able to pick an option that suits you here:

facebook autoplay options


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