Dublin Tech Summit Confirms Week Long Event for 2018

dublin tech summit

Fresh off the back of Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave’s claims that Ireland is too small to host a large tech conference, Ireland is set to host a large tech conference. We; ve attended Web Summit in the past and it is a fantastic event. Last year we filled the void with Dublin Tech Summit and boy were we impressed with that conference for its first year.

What is Dublin Tech Summit?

In what was an incredibly ambitious first year which saw 10,000 descend upon the Dublin Convention Center, Dublin Tech Summit brought startups, marketing, fintech, robots and more under one roof for two days of tech talks. The WiFi worked, people networked and the atmosphere was electric. It was a stunning achievement for the first year of a conference. Naturally, with the first year going so well, why would you change anything, right? Well, because the organisers are crazy ambitious and they are changing things…loads.

What’s Different for Dublin Tech Summit 2018?

The conference itself will take place over two days (18 and 19 April 2018) just like last year. There’s be more awesome startups like the incredible Bamboo, DwellDown and AnotherworldVR that we met last year – two of which have had a direct impact on Jon’s health. There’ll be world-class speakers akin to Gary Vaynerchuk from last year. But enough of what’s the same.

Beware Dublin Tech Week AKA “The Takeover”

Along with the two days dedicated to tech in the Convention Centre, Dublin will play host to a week of tech meetups. Dublin Tech week will explore topics such as film tech, fashion
tech, marketing and business across a range of venues. From past experience covering tech events, smaller and more intimate venues around Dublin are when these events come into their own.

Tickets are on sale now. Sign up to the Goos3DLetter below as we’ll be keeping a very close eye out for new speakers as they appear.


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