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Culture Night has become one of the best dates on the Irish calendar. For one night only, museums, galleries, historic houses, artists’ studios and cultural centres around the country, throw open their doors to the public. With most of what’s on show celebrating the old, we’ve dug out our top techie things to do for Dublin Culture Night 2017.


This place is possibly one of the coolest spots in Dublin for tinkering and gadgetry. MAKESHOP is run by the Dublin Science Gallery and brings some of best in DIY tech under one roof. From the small computers used to hack ideas together called Rasberry Pi to app development workshops, you can find it all in MAKESHOP.

MAKESHOP will be offering free entry into their store on South Leinster Street, showing off the scientific side of culture. There are sure to be some amazing gadgets as the MAKESHOP team show off their favourite innovations from the past 12 months. It’ll definitely be a hands-on experience too.

Connector Studio

Connector Studio is a Templebar-based design studio. Over the past few years, they’ve come to the fore for running the Snapys. The Snapys is one of Ireland’s first smartphone photography competitions, focusing on Instagram and sponsored by Huawei.

Dublin culture night connector

On Culture Night, Connector will host a free pop-up photo gallery based on Instagram photos. This truly is the cross over from classical culture to the modern take on the art gallery. On the night, you’ll get to enjoy a wide range of entries in categories like Travel, Dublin, Ireland, Pets, Food and more. You might even get to enjoy time with VR headsets.

The event kicks off at 5pm and runs to 11pm.

Introduction to Geocaching

This one might be stretching our tech category just a little bit, but let’s just include it as our wildcard pick. Geocaching is a simple game where players hide and then seek containers called ‘geocaches’ at specific locations. The tech element is that these locations are tracked online within geocaching communities.

This is a little-known past time enjoyed by millions around the world who leave and collect gifts and trinkets from within these containers, leaving something for the next person who comes along.

If nothing else, the page for the event says “bring a torch” which adds an irresistible layer of intrigue to the Pheonix Park event. If you really get into it, check out the Geocaching Junkie, a blogger who shares their Irish geocaching adventures.

The Docklands Tour

The Docklands was once the world’s largest docks and a key economic location for Ireland through the ages. It seems only fitting that it’s here, Ireland’s modern economy has emerged from. In the Docklands, you’ll find some of the world’s biggest companies.

The Docklands Tour, hosted by Liam Cowley, a Trinity history graduate, will bring you through the history of the area right through to its modern technological rebirth.

SOUNDCHECK in the Dublin Science Gallery

Through to 10pm in the Dublin Science Gallery, you can enjoy SOUNDCHECK. If you’re on the look out for a really hands-on experience, SOUNDCHECK is for you. You’ll become a performer in the show, inventing instruments and exploring the world of sound.

dublin culture night

Check out their mad site but just be ready for your laptop to make loads of noise.

When is Dublin Culture Night 2017?

Culture Night, which Dublin Culture Night is a part of, will take place on Friday, 22 September 2017. There’s always a great buzz around town for the night so even if it’s not tech, get out and enjoy a bit of culture.

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