Recently we took a look at the official Samsung Wireless Fast Charger and while we found it appealing in most areas, the price tag that accompanied it makes it inaccessible for many. Fortunately, power specialists Choetech do offer an alternative.

Major thank you to Choetech who provided us with a wireless fast charger to review

choetech fast charge wireless chargerManufacturers and Samsung in particular, have been focussing on wireless and fast charging in recent years. Their aim to make charging infrequent, quick and convenient. As with all technology, it’s becoming more affordable thanks to generic brands emerging with great alternatives. Choetech provide a wide range of chargers, including a wireless fast charger for Samsung devices, but how does it rate versus the official Samsung wireless fast charger?

Choetech fast charge wireless charger versus Samsung wireless fast charger


View of a non-orientation USB connection on the Choetech adaptive fast chargerIn terms of design and functionality, the Samsung charger gets out in front. The particular model that we looked at featured a cradle for added convenience when streaming video content. The Choetech pad does have a rubber area on the surface, providing limited grip should your smartphone rest on it at an angle of some sort.

One neat little feature on the adaptive fast charger is a non-orientation based USB fitting on the plug itself (right). This makes it easier to plug USBs in as you can’t be wrong.

Charge speed

The fact that these chargers can bring your device from flat to half charge in thirty minutes is mind boggling. Thanks to fast charging, batteries lasting for just a day is not longer a problem. In terms of comparison, the two stack up against each other perfectly. We couldn’t see any difference in the charge speeds of either charger.

Value for money

While the Samsung takes round one, the Choetech wireless fast charger takes round three after a round two draw.

The Samsung charge pad is rather expensive but may still appeal to die hard Samsung fans. We were disappointed to see a secondary adaptive fast charger would be needed to get the most out of owning the pad.Ultimately, there is little point to fork out for the official fast charger unless the cradle feature is something that really appeals to you.

The Choetech wireless fast charger will charge your Samsung device at lightening speed while leaving a fair sum of money resting in your pocket too. Granted, you will also need to purchase a second wireless fast charger should you want to get the most out of the Choetech wireless fast charger, the two items can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of official Samsung merchandise.

You can pick up the Choetech wireless fast charger on for about €25 and a second adaptive fast charger, also on for just under €12. You might also want to read our guides on ordering from Amazon to Ireland using Parcel Motel and Prime.

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choetech-wireless-chargepad-chargerThe Choetech wireless fast charging pad and additional adaptive fast charger are brilliant value and carry out the same task as much more expensive models of wireless charger accessories. We could find little or no reason to opt for the pricer brand versions. The Choetech adaptive charger got an extra brownie point for the non-orientation USB connection.

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