disney colour and play

Parents, your kids always take your phone and play with it. We need to accept that kids this days are more impressed by technology than traditional pastimes that earlier generations may have enjoyed. But what if technology could compliment those things we used to do?

Disney Colour and PlayDisney’s research and development department have been working on something very cool using augmented reality. Augmented reality uses your phone’s camera to sync its screen up with the real world, blending the two together. Disney’s new app, available on iOS and Android, brings the characters your kids colour to life on your smartphone’s screen.

There’s some positives and negatives. Unfortunately, this won’t just work with any old colouring book you have lying around. It has to be the Disney Colour and Play colouring book. The upside of this is that there are plenty of free pages online you can print off yourself at home.

So if you’re after some peace and quiet this evening, here’s your solution. You’re welcome.

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