Anotherworld VR: Combining education and terror like a country primary school

Some say Virtual Reality is just a gimmick. Others think it is the next frontier in education and entertainment. We caught up with AnotherWorld VR, a company falling into the latter, at the recent Dublin Tech Summit. This German based company have a background in movies and video and are attempting to bring us to AnotherWorld (see what I did there).

Meeting AnotherWorld VR

With over 15 years of post production experience, it’s clear to see these guys mean business. Here’s how things went when we met up with the team from AnotherWorld VR:


Posted by Goos3D on Thursday, February 16, 2017

So currently, these guys are working on three major projects, each of which we had the chance to play with at the summit. Not to put too fine a point on it but, holy crap. The graphics were outstanding, the story-lines clear and well thought out and in one case the educational benefits are just impossible to miss.

Have we all not dreamt of time travelling, exploring a fantasy world or going on a beach vacation for lunch break? Well, AnotherWorld VR is making this a reality. Using the latest technology in 3D production and photogrammetry this innovative production studio is aiming to create the most photo-realistic virtual reality experiences to date.

Wars Of Thomond

Now onto the good stuff! These guys love Ireland, its history, the heritage and most importantly the epic stories of the past. Wars of Thomond takes us back to the 13th-14th century during the Anglo-Norman occupation. The game tells the story of the feuding O’ Brien and Cullen families. The politics and the bloody confrontations which culminate in the Battle of Corcamore in 1317 are clear from the offset. Whichever side you select, the story is told from that perspective. Having played the demo I can say the really captures the imagination.

Ireland has a most amazing history and heritage

While at the same time brings back the rich mythology of the country during this time. Educational and fun – who doesn’t like that?

For a VR prototype, the gameplay is slick as your likely to find. Utilising the powerful HTC Vive, one hand becomes your shield while the other enacts as your sword. During the battle as the enemies flood the battlefield in beautiful detail, block sword strokes with your shield, smash them back with a face of pure wood and slash to your heart’s content using your sword arm.

Wars of Thomond from AnotherWorld VR

Wars of Thomond has an incredible landscape and tells a story to match. Couple this with the smooth gameplay and we are excited to see how the final version plays out.

Corcomroe Abbey

Following on from the impressive “Wars of Thomond”, AnotherWorld VR have created what can only be described as an educational tool. Over the summer they guys at AnotherWorld sent a photogrammetry team to Corcomroe Abbey to take over 50,000 pictures of the ruins. With this they were able to build a 3D model of the ruin in a virtual reality realm, the idea here is to free roam the world and learn about your surroundings.

Currently working with a team of historians the goal is to fully reconstruct the area to its original condition. A virtual time lapse will then transport the player back into a fully immersive medieval world, where they will be able to directly interact with historical figures and experience the events from two different points of view, by either swearing fealty to the Clan O’Brien or the rival Clan Cullen.

Remember those old boring history classes from back in the day? Now, just imagine sticking on a VR headset and immersing yourself in the historical world. Sounds much better right?

Kobold: The movie inspiring VR

This one is not for the faint-hearted, Kobold is a horror movie these guys are currently working on. Blurring the lines between cinema and VR, they take a Germanic pagan myth and bring it back to life as a horrific, evil antagonist of a horror film and VR experience.

50% film, 50% VR experience, Kobold is a terrifying new way to experience horror. Something I can personally stand as a testament too, I quite literally think I soiled myself during the demonstration. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) the movie is actually in German so I saved myself a few nightmares.

If you’re a horror fan and own the HTC Vive, Kobold is well worth a watch. Keep a close eye on AnotherWorld VR’s Facebook page for news.

Honestly, we loved meeting up with AnotherWorld VR and are super excited about what they come up with next. We found these guys to be extremely passionate about where they want VR to go and between the games, the educational benefits and the downright terrifying Kobold anyone who thinks Vr is merely a gimmick needs to look no further than AnotherWorld VR.

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