Boon: The best alternative to Android Pay and Apple Pay in Ireland

boon is an alternative to android pay

We love nothing more than finding a new way for you to use your smartphone. Right now in Ireland, customers of AIB and KBC banks can enjoy Android Pay. Customers of KBC and Ulster Bank also got access to Apple Pay recently. These services let you can tap your phone when shopping and is the most innovative payment method seen in Ireland for some time. Unfortunately, there are plenty users out there whose banks don’t support Android Pay or Apple Pay. Boon is a great alternative.

What is Android Pay and Apple Pay

There is a fair chance that you tap your debit card on a regular basis. You probably even feel slightly inconvenienced when shopkeeper slots your card into the machine. Yes, we even view typing four numbers as a mild inconvenience these days. If this sounds like you, Android Pay and Apple Pay is right up your alley.

You no longer even have to take your Visa debit card out of your wallet. Instead, your card details are saved to your smartphone. Where you would normally tap your card, you now tap your phone. You will feel more than a little bit mad at first, but it is super convenient. Think back to the last time you were ordering a coffee. Everyone queuing on their own is probably WhatsApping people – phone already in hand.

aib android payIs that the only benefit of Android Pay?

No, there are a couple of scenarios where Android Pay is a life saver.

You forgot your wallet

If you’ve gone to work without your wallet, it’s not a problem. In the history of mankind, no one has ever forgotten their wallet and smartphone.

The other half has your card

You’re not supposed to go sharing your card with other people, but it happens. You can lend your card to the other half for shopping, while you tap and go with your smartphone. Genius.

You have more than one card

Does your wallet bulge? It might not be money, but your wallet can still bulge. If you have a debit and credit card with a participating Android Pay bank, you can add both to your smartphone. A handy way to save on wallet space.

Shopping online

Certain apps and websites will let you pay for items using Android Pay. This will be a convenient way of checking out and just in time for Christmas.

Are there alternativea to Android and Apple Pay?

It’s never nice feeling all left out. You’ll be envious of people tapping their phones in no time. Customers of Bank of Ireland, permanent tsb and N26 have none of these lovely toys to play with leaving many waiting. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Boon: The alternative to Android and Apple Pay

Boon is a smart little app with one job to do. It allows you to tap your phone on contactless terminals to make a payment. Instead of being linked to your bank account, Boon depends on you topping up your account. The app also features automatic top-up to ensure you always have money on your phone. You can pay by tapping your Boon-powered phone anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless.

Boon: Fees

There are a few costs associated with using Boon. You won’t pay any monthly fees for the first twelve months, but after that, it’s 99c per month. Reloading your Boon account is completely free when completed by bank transfer. This does take two to three days. Finally, you can also top-up with a debit or credit card. You’ll have credit instantly this way, but you’ll pay at least a €1 or 1% – whichever is more.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long until all banks bring us Android Pay. It’s only a matter of time before Apple pay is here too. It’s unlikely our cards will vanish for another while, but our dependency will.

Download Boon from Google Play and iOS now.

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