PlayStation Now: Everything You Need to Know

Sony’s PlayStation Now is essentially the gaming equivalent to Netflix. PSNow hints at a future beyond purchasing video game consoles to get the latest releases. It’s a subscription based service that makes playing all your favourite hits from years gone just as easy as watching television shows on Netflix.

Initially PlayStation Now was created as a way for PS4 gamers to play old PS3 games without the need for the old console. The system basically works by connecting to a ghost PS3 within Sony’s network, that way when playing a game you’re not doing it on the piece of hardware in your living room. Technically. Your PS4 is simply providing video and controller input, if you’ve ever streamed music or watched video online; the premise is pretty much the same. The content – in this case, the game – isn’t on your smartphone, tablet or video game console. It’s on a server somewhere. You’re just renting access to it.

With PlayStation Now you will even be able to play both single and multiplayer games. Your saved data is even stored on the server, so regardless of whether its a PC or PS4 you connect to you can just pick up exactly where you left off. Oh and you still get trophies, just like any game you buy online or through a shop.

What games can you play?

The list of games is actually pretty impressive. Thanks to the Netflix styled model, PlayStation Now allows gamers to pay a monthly subscription in order to access a library of over 500 PlayStation 3 or PS4 games on their PlayStation consoles or a compatible PC.

The catalogue of games includes some proper heavy hitters like Red Dead Redemption, Batman: Arkham City (great game by the way) as well as PlayStation exclusives like God of War and The Uncharted series. You can even get some classics like Street Fighter!

PS Now

Similar to Netflix, the games are not downloaded to the PS4 or PC, but are instead streamed over the internet. This way there is now installing updates, patches or better yet, no waiting for your game to download. Just plug and play, the way gaming was always meant to be done. Better yet, game progress is saved online, so you can start playing on your PC and then switch to your PS4 or back again and just pick up where you left off. A full list of titles is available on the PlayStation Now website. New games are added at regular intervals to keep the service fresh.

How much does it cost?

For a service that has over 500 games at your fingertips, PlayStation Now is available for the relatively decent price of €14.99 a month. Just think about it, a standard PlayStation game costs about €69.99 for a game you will complete in a couple of weeks. So for a small monthly price you get an awful lot more bang for your buck, plus the list of games is pretty cool.

You can also sign up for a free 7 day trial, which should give you enough time to get well and truly hooked. The 7 day trial will give you access to the full catalogue, just be aware this trial automatically renews into a monthly subscription at the end of the trial period. Similar to your PlayStation Plus subscription you need to link a credit card or your PayPal account when you sign up for a trial so that it can automatically renew. However you can cancel your subscription at anytime you wish, so if you think PlayStation Now isn’t for you make sure you cancel at least 24 hours before your wallet gets charged.

What you need to get started

Thankfully Sony have made it easy to get started. Simply turn on the PlayStation, find the PlayStation Now icon and off you pop.

Well that is pretty much it. You will also need a steady broadband connection with a minimum speed requirement of 5Mbps. You will also need an adult PSN account (so the kids don’t get access to unwanted information), an acceptable payment method and a DualShock controller.

Getting started with PlayStation Now is incredibly simple, and you can use it on your PC of PS4.

If you’re into gaming at all we highly recommend giving the 7 day free trial a blast, if nothing else there is something nice about playing Saints Row or Street Fighter all over again!

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