GTA 6 First Trailer: Launching in Ireland in 2025

Bittersweet. We finally have the trailer we wanted from Rockstar Games for GTA 6. Sweet, is that it’s finally happening. Bitter, that we have to wait until 2025.

Rockstar’s path to this point hasn’t been straight. Leaks galore including one just last week have, for them perhaps, taking the shine of this launch. For the public, it couldn’t be more of a different feeling. Utter excitement has spread across the internet as Rockstar hit play on the GTA 6 Trailer on YouTube.

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GTA 6 Trailer

For GTA 6, we’ve returned to Vice City, home to one of the best Grand Theft Auto games to date and definitely the best soundtrack – bring back Wang Chung please!

The trailer opens with Lucia, a prisoner soon to be one of our main charachters. Next we pan to a very Venice Beach-looking opening shot as a banner-toting plane flies by stating “Why 69 when you can Nine1Nine” – likely a nod to a company you’ll be involved with in the GTA 6 campaign. Some more shots of the city fly by before we see an awesome airboat, likely to be playable. The cast of NPC characters seem to be extremely diverse both in ethnicity and body shape, all of which look graphically stunning. Sidenote – there’s a lot of twerking in this trailer. Like an unusual amount.

It looks like the game is going to be set in the modern day, made clear by the fact that there are phones and social media. In fact quite a bit of the trailer is made of “social media” posts. If these are in-game shots, the graphics are stunning too. Take some time to appreciate the Thrill Billy Mud Club. I’d love to say I think these are in-game but they are likely shot for the trailer.

Look, I’m not going to break down the entire trailer – even though I have most of it. Go enjoy it for yourself. GTA 6 is undoubtedly the most hotly anticipated game in history. And it’s coming to Ireland in 2025.

GTA 6 Launch Date

Rockstar has only committed to 2025. A pretty large launch window to be aiming for. But history gives us a fairly good idea when to expect GTA 6 dropping. While Rockstar hasn’t given an actual date, all previous Grand Theft Auto games have launched in the second half of the year. Most launch around September or October. So my money is on Grand Theft Auto 6 launching in October 2025.

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