YouTube Rewind 2019!

After a bit of abuse this year YouTube decided to take a brand new approach with this years mashup video. Instead of their usual clip, YouTube created montage of the biggest moments and milestones from around the world on YouTube. Funnily enough it comes of the back of last years YouTube Rewind being their most-disliked video ever! Kevin Allocca, head of culture and trends at YouTube had this to say:

“We heard a lot of feedback that the video last year didn’t reflect people’s experience on YouTube. Rewind has always been a moment to celebrate the big things that happened on YouTube and document the end of the year. People feel a real sense of ownership of what they create on the platform.”

This year YouTube Rewind goes about highlighting a range of categories like most viewed creator, most liked overall video, dance video, beauty video, most viewed games, top new creators of the year and of course most watched music videos. You may notice that these categories are really prioritizing the native YouTubers rather than celebs. Well that’s because Rewind 2018 got 17million dislikes vs 2million likes and it was accused of being tone deaf to the YouTube community, highlighting the likes of Trevor Noah over Pewdiepie, despite having more viewers. It was so bad they actually reference and accept their 2018 in the into of this years YouTube Rewind. Anyway give it a gander and let us know what you think.
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