Who will play who in the Making a Murderer Movie

Making a Murderer Movie

If you haven’t already seen Making a Murderer you know you can try Netflix for free right? Netflix are bound to eventually make this into the most epic of all courtroom movies, but who’ll play who in the eventual Hollywood blockbuster that will be the Making a Murderer Movie?

Please note, from here on in there will be spoilers.

Steven Avery – Steve Pemberton

Making a Murderer Movie AveryStar of the show is twice convicted and once freed Steven Avery. The role, with no offense intended, won’t be too challenging as Avery is a relatively quiet man. Steve Pemberton of The League of Gentleman fame is a well travelled actor capable of comedic and very serious roles seen through his recent crime drama Happy Valley. The most challenging elements of the role are the Avery accent and the ability to go through years worth of facial hair changes to cover the full timeline of the Making a Murderer Movie.

Brendan Dassey –  Tyler Labine

Making a Murderer Movie DasseyOkay, so Tyler will have to lose the beard and play one of his first major serious roles that I can think of to land the Making a Murderer Movie. Something about Tyler just seems right to play the frustratingly dim, but completely harmless (it seems) Brendan Dassey. Shouldn’y cost too much either and to be honest, should be the easiest role ever. Most of his lines will simply be “yeah” or “I dunno”. Sorry Brendan.

Jerry Buting – Sam Waterson

Making a Murderer Movie BUTINGOne half of the incredible defence team that Avery had at his disposal during the case was Jerry Buting. Throughout the series, you see him deploy classic lawyer techniques including, but not limited to, the ask the “asking a question while walking away from the witness” manoeuvre. Buting needs an actor who knows what he’s doing to pull this off and so we’ve gone for a man who, while is a little older than Buting, has plenty of experience for the role owing to his position as Jack McCoy on the long running Law & Order.

Dean Strang – Steve Carell

Making a Murderer Movie STRANGCompleting the Making a Murderer Movie defence team is lawyer Dean Strang. Strang shows both empathy and intelligence throughout the case, opening up during apparently candid moments to discuss with incredible honesty how things are going with the film-makers. Such range will require a large lump of the acting budget to entice Steve Carell to join the team. Carell might be best known for his comedic roles including Anchorman but similar to Waterson, has shown serious acting abilities in the past, including an Oscar nomination for Foxcatcher.

Ken Kratz – Dan Akroid

Making a Murderer Movie KratzOh to have a man loved by many play a drug fuelled nymphomaniac lawyer hated by many. This is probably one of the more controversial picks, but we’re standing by this one being absolutely spot on. Kratz is an ever so slightly egotistical lawyer, seen through his post trial controversies, but will need someone a bit mad to play him in the Making a Murderer Movie. Alternatively, we would like to put forward this statue which became famous on Reddit for looking like the prosecution lawyer Kratz.

James Lenk – Mitch Pileggi

Making a Murderer Movie LenkFormer Manitowoc County Officer James Lenk was a centre figure in the eyes of the Defence during the trial of Steven Avery. Possibly a dirty cop heavily involved the planting of key evidence which put Steven Avery away for another life sentence. Given the edgy nature of the part and police officer role, X-Files star, Mitch Pileggi is simply ideal. Might be tough to free Pileggi up in the near future considering his involvement in the X-Files reboot that’s underway but surely a possible Making a Murderer Movie would tempt him.

Tom Fassbender – William Fichtner

Making a Murderer Movie FassbenderThis is just one of the most obvious one imaginable. Fassbender is one half of the investigation team now infamous for their line of questioning with Brendan Dassey. Fichtner is the perfect actor for the Making a Murderer Movie role as he always seems to slot into “on the edge of legal” cops as seen through his role as Alexander Mahone in Prison Break. He even has those mannerisms that Fassbender displays throughout Making a Murderer. This one for me is absolutely perfect.

Mark Wiegert – Wade Williams

Making a Murderer Movie WIEGERTNot as good a match, but who better to play the other half of the infamous investigation team than a man who played bogey prison guard Brad Bellick in Prison Break. He’s bound to have some chemistry with Fichtner and doesn’t look a million miles away from Wiegert himself. The more we look at Williams, the more we think he suits the Making a Murderer Movie role.

Mike Halbach – Ryan Reynolds

Making a Murderer Movie HalbachThis one we’re leaving late as it could piss off a few, but for us this one came in a vision. While Mike Halbach is a victim, considering the loss of his sister is at the centre of the case, there’s actually quite a few people online who are growing annoyed with him. I’m also in this group. Something about how he carries on throughout Making a Murderer makes him appear sneaky, but anyway. Ryan Reynolds just seems like he’ll be able to handle the “trying to charm the masses” approach during press conferences. We’ll retreat to some sort of makeshift bunker now so protect ourselves.

Len Kachinsky – William H Macy

Making a Murderer Movie KachinskyWe just had to include this one as Macy is brilliantly suited to playing the undesirable role of Dassey’s early lawyer Kachinsky. Just look at him! A twenty minute session to get the dodgy looking Kachinsky hair sorted out and he’s a doppelgänger.

It’s tough to see actors we love playing characters we hate, but this one is too good to overlook.

Did we get one wrong? Think we missed out on a great role in the Making a Murderer Movie that needs filling? Let us know.

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