Valentines Day and Chill

valentines and chill

You may have forgotten to pick up that horrible cheap teddy wrapped in plastic, but you can still sit back and chill while nailing Valentines Day.

Spotify and Chill

Walk into the room, tap your phone and have the tones of Barry White do all the hard work for you. Spotify is an absolute essential piece of kit for Valentines and compliments dinner perfectly. You can play some Barry White or maybe go old school with Kissed By a Rose. Personally, that is the game winning track regardless of the situation. I know Batman Forever will be played tonight.

Spotify have even done all the hard work and created a Spotify and Chill section so you can’t pick shite songs and ruin the mood. Alternatively, if you plan to spend the evening in a foursome with Bridget Jones, Ben and his mate Jerry, Spotify offer a Galentines Day playlist to “celebrate the best day of the year with the people who matter most”.

Marvin and Chill

Valentines takeawayAfter you’ve burned dinner or forgot to turn on the switch at he wall, you’ll have to order some nice food instead. Luckily enough, the guys over at will gladly look after you. Protip – pop on over to this bargain alert thread on to see if anyone has a coupon to save some money.

What says romance better than frugal living and a battered sausage.

Netflix and Chill

After dinner and some sexy tunes, grab that glass of Lidl’s finest red and launch onto the couch. For one day of the year, you won’t be spending the length of a movie scrolling through seemingly endless lists of movies and there is one one category that matters.

netflix and chill

Yup, the romance section, where you’ll classics such as Days of Thunder and Academy Award Winner Elect, Leonardo DiCaprio’s, Romeo and Juliet.

Pornhub and Chill

pornhub valentinesYou messed it up didn’t you. Ah well, the team over at Pornhub won’t judge you. Just don’t forget to use incognito mode and grab your VR headset – you may as well bring it all into the 21st century.

For the day that’s in it, Pornhub are also offering everyone free premium membership for the day. You won’t need credit card details either, just an email to access glorious High Definition pornography.

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