The Package: A Terrible Idea That Makes a Semi-Decent Movie

the package netflix review

A Netflix Original movie all about the journey to save a man’s penis after a terrible accident on a hiking trip. That’s the premise of The Package, although to be honest, I’m making it sound quite serious there. A group of teens go hiking and drinking when one of the guys lops his lad off with a knife. Yup, that’s more like it. Everything about the plot of The Package means I should hate it, but I don’t.

What is The Package All About?

Mild spoiler alert – although most of this movie is pretty predictable.

The Package is s surprisingly fresh take on the teenage coming of age movie. Sean has been living in Germany and comes home for a weekend drinking in the hills with his mates. Of course, they’re joined by some girls to make it the complete teen weekend away. After having too much to drink, going for a pee and playing with a knife, the plot of the movie starts to become fairly apparent.

Sure enough, Jeremy loses his penis. While a medical helicopter takes him to the hospital, wouldn’t you know it, his friends give the medics a cooler with two beers cans and not Jeremy’s penis. And so a movie is born as his friends are in a race against time to get Jeremy’s penis to the hospital in time.

Is The Package a Terrible Film?

The Package is not a terrible film and I really don’t know how to feel about that. Every joke is immature and pretty much predictable. If you’re familiar with Road Trip and American Pie, The Package is Netflix’s attempt to bring all the best bits from these movies onto the screen for the streaming generation.

The Package ran a real danger of being an Adam Sandler style movie but maybe its saving grace is the fact it was produced by Ben Stiller. Ok, so Zoolander 2 was a complete sin to cinema, but a lot of his stuff is funny and it’s all funnier than Adam Sandler’s stuff.

The Package: The Verdict

This is most certainly not a movie you’ll watch with your mother in the same room. However, it’s a movie that if you watch with friends, you’re bound to have a few laugh out loud moments. It’s nothing short of amazing how much mileage this movie gets out of a limited plot too. I think the movie also holds the record for most amount of penis-on-screen in a mainstream movie, an important distinction.

Believe it or not, you’re unlikely to regret watching this.

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The Package
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the-package-semi-decent-movieThe Package, on paper, should be absolute horse-shit, but it's not. Let this movie be your guilty pleasure when you're hungover or something because it's not all that bad.