The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Review: Is It Worth Watching?

the might ducks game changers review

Nostalgia is on-trend right now. We love nothing more than dipping back into our lives from many years ago to paint over the rather dull present we’re having. With the future fast becoming the present, we’re all craving a bit of our childhood back. While COVID-19 accelerated things like working from home, we’re also rediscovering great things like board games. So it’s no surprise to see a lot of talks of re-releases and reboots. We’ve already had Justice League, we might have Mrs Doubtfire and, as of a few days ago, we definitely have the Mighty Ducks getting a reboot on Disney+.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers is a reboot of the original 1992 movie sharing the same name; The Mighty Ducks. The story, is also a modern take on the original franchise. The big difference with this reboot is that the focus shifts away from The Mighty Ducks who are now massively successful. Instead, we follow the “Don’t Bothers”, a team of a rag-tag bunch of kids making up a team of likely to lose hockey players formed when The Mighty Ducks cut one of their underperforming kids.

We also get another starring role for Emilio Estevez, the original coach who now owns the dilapidated ice-rink called the Ice Palace where the Don’t Bothers train.

The idea of a reboot was being pucked around the ice since 2018. After being agreed that Disney+ would pick the show up for ten episodes, filming started late in 2020 after many pandemic-related delays, wrapping before the end of the year. On 26 March, the first episode of the series was released to Disney+

Is The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Worth Watching?

I was so sceptical of this. The Mighty Ducks is an epic movie from my childhood. We’re talking about the best thing that could come on as Saturday’s “The Big Big Movie” on RTÉ. With two underwhelming movie sequels, was it wise to return to the ice for a reboot in the form of a series?

Well, yes. Yes, it was. And to be quite honest, I think this reset is something a lot of parents might need to see. Though I’ve admittedly just watched the series opener, the message of the show is poignant. Kids around the world are under increasing pressure to deliver. If you think that’s just an American problem, you should listen to some parents who have children involved in GAA over the past few years. Kids have enough to be dealing with without the great social activity of sports being turned into the start of a quest to become pro-athletes.

Beyond a very necessary message, I’m shocked at just how much I’ve enjoyed the opening episode. It’s got all that classic goofy comedy and casting lineups you’d expect from a 90s kids buddy movie or series. The first episode covers the lead kid’s sacking from The Mighty Ducks and the journey he and his mum go on to get a new team together. Tell me that’s not a classic scenario for a Saturday evening’s entertainment.

Where Can You Watch The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers?

The new Mighty Ducks series is streaming exclusively on Disney+. Here’s the bad news. There’ll be no binging unless you wait a few weeks. There’s just the one episode out right now with a new one being released every Friday. You’ll get to enjoy ten episodes in total.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers launch episode gets a whopper five quacks from me.

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the-mighty-ducks-game-changers-reviewPlenty of nostalgia but with a very poignant modern message. This is perfect viewing for kids and parents alike.