Earlier this year I wrote about working from home and keeping your work spaces separate to your rest spaces. I live in a one bed apartment so that’s a real challenge for me. What I’ve tried to do is make different workspaces where I can. I’ve got a desk from Flying Elephant which is my primary work space. I’ve also picked up a foldable standing desk so I can move into the bedroom too. This article is about the Nerdy Tec Couchmaster Cybot lapdesk and how it lets me work from the couch.

What Is A Lapdesk?

Lapdesks or lapboards usually have a flat surface with a cushion stuck underneath. The idea is that the cushion sits comfortably on your lap while the board on top acts as a table for you. I’ve had some variation of a lapboard in my apartment for as long as I’ve lived here. They’re great for laptops or just eating while watching the telly.

Who Is NerdyTec?

NerdyTec is a German company with a real gaming vibe. While they seemed to set out to specialise in gaming accessories, they’ve cleverly spotted the market for people now working from home and have shifted focus towards a more general lapdesk in the Couchmaster. They sent over the Couchmaster Cybot for me to test drive and I’m going to have to say it’s an option I love having.

What Is The Couchmaster Cybot?

The Couchmaster Cybot lapdesk consists of three simple parts. There are two memory foam cushions which sit either side of your thighs and then the lapboard which sits across both side cushions. There’s really nothing high tech about this who set up, but there is some clever design included.

The lapboard has cut out slots to the left to let your laptop breath. On the right, another cutout slot lets you hold a tablet or phone. The model I was sent also had a nice big mousemat which I could stick on. The board is comfortable to use thanks to it’s layout and tapered, leather surfaced edges where your arms rest.

The cushions themselves are really comfy thanks to their (I think faux) leather covering and memory foam inners. One side has some extra pockets to hold some accessories, or for gamers, snacks.

What’s The Couchmaster Cybot Like To Use?

I loved using the Couchmaster and can I pause for a second to appreciate how awesome that name is. Anything called the Couchmaster was going to win me over.

I’ve used the lapdesk for many hours across a range of tasks. From work, to gaming to writing. Personally, I can’t fault it and that’s largely down to its simplicity.

However, there is one fairly sizeable fault that my better half pointed out to me. She’s left-handed and this isn’t a very left-hand friendly product.

If you flip the board over, the cut outs and tapers don’t deliver the same great experience. Because the concept is quite simple, being a board sitting on cushions, it will of course work for left-handed users but it really is designed for right handed people.

Couchmaster Cybot: The Verdict

Having a lapdesk these days is a bit of a must have. If you’re having one of those days where you’re planning on not quite going “flat out” while working from home, it offers a different way of working to sitting or standing at a desk. It’s ok to admit you have those days by the way, even if your boss disagrees.

You can buy your own Couchmaster lapdesk directly from NerdyTec or on Amazon.co.uk.

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