You Can Now Pause Your Sky Sports Subscription

pause sky sport payments
I don’t think I’ve ever seen the collective of humanity come together like they are right now. There’s lots of businesses thinking outside the box to do what they can to keep afloat while other businesses are helping others where they can. Sky has just announced that you can now pause your Sky Sports membership.

Why Pause Sky Sports Payments?

We’re living in unprecedented times. I don’t know how many times I’ve written that but looks like I’ll be writing it a few more in the coming weeks and months. With Covid-19 spreading, we’ve all realised that there are more important things to life than sports. The sporting world has ground to a halt. The Premier League has been paused until the end of April and F1 postponed and their winter break moved forward to now after calling of the season opener in Australia last week.

While Sky Sports did host the first virtual Grand Prix at a virtual Bahrain using the F1 2019 game, that might be the only time they get to tag a show with “live” for quite some time. So, with all of this going on, is it fair to expect customers to keep paying for Sky Sports? Not really.

Sky Sports Will Allow Pausing

In response to the bizarre lack of live sports on the telly, Sky has now made it possible for customers to pause their Sky Sports subscription.

What this means is that you will no longer be paying for Sky Sports during the Covid-19 suspension of sports. This suspension stays in place until normal action resumes. When sports comes back, you’ll start paying again. All discounts on your account will be maintained and you’ll even maintain access to Sky Sports when payments are suspended. Yup, all the Premier League Years you can handle.

How To Pause Sky Sports Payments

All you need to do to pause your Sky Sports subscription is contact them. They have a page on their website created to give you more information but it’s broken right now. You can still call them.

  1. Call 0800 151 2747
  2. when prompted say “cancel Sky Sports”
  3. You’ll then be asked if you would like to pause your subscription
  4. Say “yes”

From what I’ve seen on Twitter and from Sky’s own Twitter account, that’s it. You’ll even get to keep the Sky Sports channels, on-demand content and anything you’ve recorded. Who knows? Sky has even started streaming some e-sports so it might be worth checking in to see what else they bring to the table.

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