“Reality TV” has finally found its way onto Netflix Ireland. We’ve binged on Ultimate Beastmaster in the interest of science.

What is Ultimate Beastmaster all about?

Ultimate Beastmaster is an obstacle course based show produced by Sylvester Stallone. In each episode, 12 Beastmasters from the US, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Japan and South Korea take on the Beast. The Beast is made up of four levels where each Beastmaster must score points to work their way up the leader board. It’s kind of like Takeshi’s Castle, but not as entertaining. Or maybe Ninja Warrior, but not as exciting.

You don’t seem convinced about the show

The show is actually quite entertaining. The winner from each episode goes forward to the Ultimate Beastmaster final. The problem is that everything gets a little repetitive. Every now and then the first obstacle is swapped out or a chain is replaced with a rope.

Simply put, if you binge on this show in one go, you’ll be bored very quickly. Instead of being ten episodes, it could easily have been two. The challenges just don’t change enough.

But, don’t let me take away from the show. It’s very exciting to watch in bits. You’ll fall in love with the South Koreans too, mainly because of the presenters.

The presenters

As the show pits several nations against each other, each is represented by two presenters. The presenters are a saving grace of the show. Most notable is a surprisingly timid Terry Crews who isn’t really is usual banter self. Plus his repetitive chanting of U-S-A will drive you insane. I’m trying really hard to protect my positive feelings toward Crews. Other presenters include former UFC champion Anderson Silva, but it’s not the well-known names you should focus on. The South-Koreans are amazing.

The South-Koreans are amazing. Their reactions to the South Korean Beastmasters efforts are worth the admission fee on its own.

The verdict

It’s decent. Honestly, don’t try and binge-watch the whole thing. You’ll hate your beloved Terry Crews. You’ll wonder why Sylvester Stallone was allowed make money on this idea. It’s obviously a cash spinner. It’s a grand show to pop in and out of but that’s about it. If you’re looking for something to really sink your teeth into, try White Rabbit Project, Chef’s Table or Abstract.


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