Netflix Ireland: Top 5 TV Shows

While you’re dabbing on that last bit of aloe vera after-sun, listening to the lashings of rain outside, you may as well pop Netflix on. Through extensive and selfless testing, we’ve put together the best of Netflix Ireland to get you through a few binges.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

If for no other reason, it’s that damn theme song. You will be singing it for days after viewing.

Kimmy Schmidt, along with a few friends, were conned by a suave cult leader into living underground during a supposed apocalypse.   Upon her release, she must adapt to life in New York à la Brendan Fraser in Blast from the Past.

The show has been picked up by Netflix and will be continued for another two seasons. So commence your Netflix binge.


And from the ashes rose one of Marvel’s superheros. This isn’t a hat tip to any story lines. Instead it’s the recovery of this franchise from Ben Affleck’s  absolute mare of a movie. Daredevil, like most good superheroes, leads a double life – lawyer by day and superhero by night. Oh and he is completely blind, depending on his other senses to plow his way through bad guys.

Like Kimmy Schmidt, Daredevil’s home is Netflix, meaning you can binge straight away. Not all superhero lawyers needs a mask though…

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is already one of the biggest smash hits of 2015. Saul Goodman, an underdog ambulance chasing lawyer, is already known to many for representing Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Better Call Saul takes place six years prior to White and Goodman’s path’s. We can only assume that means we have at least six years of this dodgy, cheap suit wearing lawyer’s entertainment to enjoy.

While these Netflix exclusives are great, there are a limited number of episodes to be watched. If you are planning a two weeks off work binge session (we won’t judge you) you’ll need a lot more ammunition to keep you going. Netflix has a few long standing greats from start to finish.


A great TV show will deliver the perfect problem. You’ll want to meet the main character, not the actor, but their actual persona. Dr. Gregory House is perhaps one of TV’s greatest characters. Dr. House takes on medical cases that no one else could solve, often using controversial methods and battling his own inner demons and drug problems. It’s one of the all time greats and is a must watch of Breaking Bad and The Sopranos magnitude.


Sure enough, Miami-Dade police don’t come across as being too competent throughout this series, but Dexter is a gripping tale that forces you to question your own morality. Dexter, a Miami-Dade blood splatter analyst, hides a dark secret. When criminals slip through the cracks of the legal system, Dexter looks after them in his own twisted way. Dexter, like House, is just a character you shouldn’t love, but you just can’t help yourself.

Dexter also has an intro which you strangely don’t get tired off, despite it being two minutes long. Hey this kind of stuff is important for binges if Netflix doesn’t cut it off.

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