Returning to the RDS for its second year is the Dublin International Game Music Festival (iDIG), running from April 29th to May 1st. We take a look at what to expect and give you the opportunity to save 20% on your tickets for this celebration of gaming and music.

About iDIG

iDIG enjoyed a successful launch in 2015 and returns this year bigger and better. The festival was created by both Eímear Noone and Craig Stuart Garfinkle, both award winning composers for their contributions to the huge multi-player game, World of WarCraft. While some may consider games to be, well just that, games, in truth the music held within can be powerful, emotional and rather thought provoking.

iDIG 2015

From the days of computer chip music through the introduction of instrumental pieces, music has played a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere for gamers. The power of music in gaming led Noone and Garfinkle to found this three day celebration for the most popular music in gaming history. 2015 saw legendary game music performer, with over sixty million YouTube views, Malukah partake in a rendition of Noone’s Malach from World of WarCraft.

Yes you are indeed watching musicians from around the world wide web combine forces with a live orchestra to create a spine tingling piece of music at iDIG 2015.

iDIG 2016

This concept returns for 2016, with the HALO theme song being the latest focus. So get set to experience a stunning rendition of this…

Over the course of the three day festival you will be treated to technology demonstrations from the people behind tracks featured in the trailers of Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. There will also be displays from gaming related artists, Irish indie game developers, and the simply amazing Triforce Quartet, who we caught on the streets of Dublin last year while reviewing the HTC RE Camera.

To coincide with all of this, you will also be able to enjoy the Video Games Live music experience, Jack L, a preview of Eímear Noone’s 3D and VR conducting tutorials, the Demo Derby, The Cosball and the Celtic Link performed by DIT Ensemble.

It’s set to be an exciting three celebration of gaming and music, which we believe everyone will thoroughly enjoy. You can also save 20% on your tickets by signing up to the Goos3DLetter.

iDIG 2016

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