Just, why? Why don’t they bloody move out? Who in their right might (looking at you here Alf) would live in Summer Bay. That place has been the epicentre of drama as long as I’ve been on this planet. That’s right, the show’s been rocking since 1988. There are a few of the Home and Away cast who legged it and escaped Summer Bay.

Leah was in the Matrix

I rewound the Matrix several times when I spotted this, but it’s absolutely true. Ada Nicodemou, or Leah to me and you, was in one of the most influential sci-fi movies of all time. So, now that you’re trying to work out when the jaysus she was in The Matrix let me put you out of your misery. She appears at 1.30 in the clip below:

Ok, so she’s hardly starring in a leading role, but that’s table quiz material right there.

Kim is, well Kim is Thor

Yeah, we couldn’t start with the big pile of obvious that is Chris Hemsworth being Thor. So, we put it second. Formerly the Summer Bay lifeguard come fitness instructor, Hemsworth was actually a god all along. Using his god-like powers to survive Summer Bay, he would eventually leave for a massive movie franchise. Conveniently, the next instalment of that is on the way too:

Sam is now a proper lifeguard

Sams was one of the many kids that passed through Pippa’s gaff in Home and Away. He didn’t have an easy run of it, especially around water. He loses two foster parents in separate drownings. Maybe that’s what inspired his real-life career change? Sam, real name Ryan Clark, gave up acting as his full-time gig. Instead, he can be found in the latest episodes of Bondi Rescue. He now a proper lifeguard answering to the nickname, Whippet. No other fictional foster-parents will die under his watch.

Why was Scott Irwin so serious?

Sit down before you keep reading. One of the greatest actors that we’ve lost far too young was Heath Ledger. He played an incredible role in the Batman series as The Joker. He played a slightly less memorable role as Scott Irwin in Summer Bay:

Irwin was your typical Home and Away bad-boy. He comes in, teachers don’t like him, but the local ladies can’t resist him. For Irwin, the local girl that took a shine to him was Sally.

Remember nice girl Sally?

After Alf, Sally was one of the longest serving characters in the Bay. Shortly after leaving the show, a sex tape emerged. The female in the video looked shockingly like Kate Ritchie, the actress who played Sally. Ritchie never commented publically that she was involved in a sex tape. Probably still better than living in the Bay either way.

There are plenty of others to have graced the Home and Away cast, who’ve eventually escaped Summer Bay. Did we leave out any of your favourites? Like Isabel Lucas in Transformers or The Mentalist’s Simon Baker? Let us know.



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