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Have you noticed all the people walking around playing Pokémon GO? It really is a rather big deal. We can’t remember the last phenomenon like this, though it’s possible the great Tamagotchi plague of the nineties comes close. But if you want to be the very best, perhaps even like no-one ever was, you’re going to need some kick-ass Pokémon GO accessories to make you a great trainer.

Ash Ketchum’s hat

There are two kinds of Pokémon GO trainer. First you have the ones who walk sheepishly around shopping centres, hoping they don’t make eye contact with anyone as they try to catch the Eevee floating on someone’s cleavage. Then we have the full on Pokémon Master. These are the trainers packing actual (replica) Pokéballs while somersaulting around the clothing rails of your local Elverys. If you feel like you are the latter, then priority one for you is to look the part.

Ash Ketchum's Pokémon cap is a must have for aspiring trainersYou can pick up the very same (replica) hat that Ash Ketchum himself wears throughout the early days of Pokémon. It also comes with real turning action, meaning you can reverse the cap to become at least 57% cooler depending on the audience to are keeping – no other Pokémon GO accessories can boast that. The seller doesn’t deliver to Ireland, but fortunately you can use the ever so nifty Parcel Motel trick along with an Amazon Prime trial and get this cap pretty fast and pretty cheap!

Baseball cap, I choose you.

Use Thunderbolt attack with a power bank

best Pokémon GO power bankBelieve it or not, there have been widespread reports of “sore legs” accompanying gamers enjoying Pokémon GO. This is likely due to the fact you can easily forget how long you’ve been walking for. This means your phone is working over time, requiring the screen to be on for the majority of the time while also requiring GPS location. You’re going to be burning calories but also burning phone juice. To combat this, serious Pokémon GO trainers will have a fairly decent powerbank.

What you are looking for in your powerbank is a decent mAh rating: about 10,000 mAh should do it. This will give most phones at least and additional two charges and can be picked up relatively cheap. You can get this JETech model on Amazon.co.uk but again you’ll need to use Parcel Motel as they don’t technically deliver to Ireland. It’s all worthwhile to get your hands on one of the most important Pokémon GO accessories needed.

Powerbank, I choose you.

Pokésocks – The most discreet Pokémon GO accessories

pokesocksRemember what we were saying about the whole “two types of Pokémon trainer?”. This is for the quieter trainer. Can you imagine anything better than pulling on this killer socks while you’re humming the Pokémon theme song to yourself in the morning. We didn’t think so.

This will also make the perfect gift for anyone you know who is trying to “catch ’em all”.

Pokésocks, I choose you.

Turn your smartphone into a Pokédex

iPhone 6 Pokédex caseWhen your phone rings you don’t want people think you’re simply taking a call – no no. You want them to think Professor Oak has an important update while also giving you the chance to dive deeper into Pokémon GO accessories creating a full cosplay experience. While this guy has already made is own Pokédex designed to hold and power a smartphone, for the time being you’ll have to settle for one of these cool phone cases.

Pokédex phone cover, I choose you.

Pokémon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus coming to Ireland and is the most important of Pokémon GO accessoriesThere is no date in sight for this just yet, but the team behind the Pokémon GO app are cleverly showing us how bad things can be without Pokémon GO Plus. So you’ve enjoyed the game so far even with the starting at your phone knowing that your battery is quickly depleting. Pokémon GO Plus is a wearable wristband that allows you to power off the screen and put your phone back into your pocket. The band will then vibrate when Pokémon are nearby – saving your battery, your life and, most importantly, your dignity.

When is Pokémon GO Plus being released?

As of yet, there is no confirmed date but end of July and August have been thrown around as possible dates. Keep an eye on out social channels for news as it breaks.


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