Brexit: Is the United Kingdom on track for a dystopian future?

Dytopian Nigel Farage

British news outlets have been enjoying the sensational events of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union with sound bites that would not be out of place in futuristic thrillers. “Britain opts out of the European Union”. Donald Trump touches down in the UK as the result was announced. He continues to draw parallels between the Leave campaign and his own run for the US Presidency: a campaign which to date has been more successful than many expected.

Indeed the news is frightening to watch, but the news could easily be a precursor to some of our favourite dystopian movies too.

Children of Men

It’s over ten years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and just over eight years since then initiated Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. In the years that followed, the international economies fell into chaos and for reasons unknown, widespread infertility has left humanity on the brink of collapse.

Following the exit from the European Union, the United Kingdom was somehow able persevere, maintaining the only working government in the world. All foreigners have been declared illegal immigrants and are rounded up by British forces to be deported.

V for Vendetta

Just four short years have passed since the British people realised their democratic power and the decision was made to leave the European Union. Away from the EU, where the “St. Mary’s Virus” has ravaged the population and the United States which has been divided by civil war (likely caused by Trump), the UK is now ruled by a fascist police state headed up by a man bearing resemblance to Nigel Farage.

In this police state, those perceived to be undesirables by the government, including immigrants and Muslims, are rounded up and placed in concentration camps.


Many years after the decision to leave the European Union, the United Kingdom went into severe technological decline leaving the nation resembling the late thirteenth century. Scotland

The Scottish never voted to leave the European Union and after being forced to leave the bloc, widespread public unrest followed. After diplomatic attempts failed, a young leader came to the fore by the name of William Wallace. Wallace leading the Scottish waged a bloody war on the English in search for their independence.


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