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Reddit Ireland: Irish Subreddit To Close During Late Hours

irish reddit closing
Owing to "growing levels of targeted abuse, hatred, and racism on Reddit" moderators of the subreddit r/ireland have made the decision to close the subreddit during temporarily between midnight at 8 am GMT every day. Reddit is an American social news aggregation and discussion website. The site is divided into popular subreddits and, as you might imagine, one of the...

Is Vodafone Down? Reports Of Mobile Network Issues In Ireland

is vodafone down
Vodafone Ireland is currently experiencing a network issue. So if you can't call or access the internet from your smartphone, we'll there's your reason. We are currently experiencing an interruption to our mobile services in some parts of the country, Our service teams are currently working on resolving this issue and we will provide updates here. We thank you for your...

Influencers In The Wild Page To Close

influencers in the wild to close
Over the past six months, a rather enjoyable page appeared on Instagram. It's called Influencers in the Wild. However, after some doxing within the past few days, the man behind the profile has decided to shut it down for the time being What Is Influencers In The Wild? You've seen them....

Facebook Portal Review: A Photo Frame Connecting Your Family

facebook portal review
We've all been adapting to a new way of life. One of the things we've had to adapt is how we all stay connected. I've been testing out the Facebook Portal for the past few weeks when chatting with family. Here's what you need to know about it. Keeping Connected While Staying Apart

Featured Snippets: Why Google Now Highlights Parts Of Webpages Yellow

google highlighting webpages
Part of running a website like this is understanding how search engines like Google works. That makes you notice things. One thing I've noticed in the past week is that some webpages now highlight text yellow when you click a Google search result. It's a good thing for you as an internet user but it does look a bit...

Huawei FreeBuds 3i Review: €99 For Excellence

I was a driven anti-AirPod guy. I was against everything they stood for. The death of the headphone jack, the commercial monster that is Apple and the style of them. Everything irked me. Then, I realised it was time to say goodbye to the headphone jack. Apple actually builds some pretty great products. And the design of...

Huawei Watch GT 2e Review: Purely Fitness Focused

huawei watch gt 2e on wrist
I've been lucky enough to have every Huawei Watch on my wrist. I remember buying the original Huawei Watch because it was the most watch-like smartwatch on the market. It was a thing of beauty. Since then, a few things have changed. Huawei now uses their own operating system instead of Wear OS and designs have evolved...

OPPO Ireland: Everything You Need To Know

oppo in ireland
Ireland has a fair share of phone manufacturers come and go. Some, I watch from afar, wondering if they'll ever come here in force. I've noticed some movements in Ireland which suggests we're going to get another soon. Their name is OPPO and here's everything you need to know about them. The Irish Smartphone...

Free games on PlayStation Plus June 2020 Edition

PlayStation Plus June 2020
One of the great things about gaming these days is free Playstation games! Yes, you read that correctly. Free. Well, not completely free. In order to avail of these free games, you need to sign up for Playstation gaming subscription service, "PlayStation Plus". What is PlayStation Plus? For a very reasonable monthly fee of 9.99 a month, you gain access to...

ISS Docking Simulator: Try Docking Crew Dragon With ISS In The SpaceX Simulator

spacex crew dragon touchscreens
It's been a day to recapture the imagination when it comes to space exploration. SpaceX and Nasa have together put humans into space on a new vehicle. The SpaceX designed and Nasa crewed Crew Dragon is currently undergoing a demonstration flight. This flight will involve docking with the International Space Station (ISS) and you can test your...