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IKEA And ASUS Republic Of Gamers Team Up For Gaming Furniture

ikea and rog launch furniture range
IKEA is famed for making affordable but stylish furniture. Today, the Swedish homewares giant announced they would be partnering with ASUS' gaming division, Republic of Gamers (ROG) to develop a new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level. Tapping Into Gaming

Marshall Uxbridge Smart Speaker Review: Guitars And Google Home

marshall uxbridge smart speaker
It feels like you can buy anything and everything with a Google Assistant built into it now. Looking around my sitting room, I have a Google Assistant-powered soundbar, a Google Home in the kitchen and Google Nest Wifi which has an assistant in the bedroom too. In such a small space adding another smart speaker meant it...

48 Launch Best In Market €7.99 Per Month Phone Plan: What’s The Catch?

Not that long ago, I looked at Gomo's unbelievable launch in Ireland. With parent company Eir looking to mop up the younger mobile market they offered unlimited calls, texts and data for €9.99 per month. Today, Three's youth network 48 has undercut this even further with €7.99 for all calls, all texts and 100GB of data. So...

Fitbit Launches Sense Smartwatch And More

elderly lady using ECG fitness tracker
There comes a time for a select few brands when they pass through a process called "genericisation". This is when a brand becomes to generic term for their product. Think all 4x4s being called Jeep, all tablets being iPads or your internet search being called a Google, regardless of the search engine. When it comes to fitness...

Kygo A11/800 Review: For The Dance Music Fans Not The Audiophiles

kygo a11/800 review
There's a whopper volume of headphones hitting the market these days. It's well-timed too. Not all office workplaces encourage headphones, but with more people working from home and seeking the ability to "get in the zone" with noisy surroundings, people want good audio equipment. The Kygo A11/800 headphones are one of the latest pairs of noise-cancelling headphones...

Nokia 1.3 Review – Budget Smartphone That Might Be Better Than You Think

Nokia, the name just brings back memories of sturdy, sexy, simple phones from yesteryear. They still make phones for those of you know and if you are in the market for a cheap, like seriously cheap smartphone that's under €100 then the Nokia 1.3 might be just what you're looking for. Not long ago it would be...

EKSA E900 Pro: A Cheap But Excellent Gaming Headset

EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset
When you run a tech review website, you get a lot of cold emails. The vast majority of them are junk, generic emails that get no further thought beyond me wondering why they didn't end up in spam. A few months back, an email landed in that I nearly didn't pay any attention. It was offering me...

Google Pixel Buds Review: The Most Comfortable Ear Buds Ever

google pixel buds ireland
Do you remember when there was a genuine shock we, as a society, decided to kill the headphone jack? In hindsight, it makes total sense. In fact, it had to happen before Bluetooth audio accessories would get really good. When it comes to over-ears, the Bose 35 QCii are still a market leader for me but I'm...

Huawei MatePad Pro Review: A Productivity Beast

Huawei has been pouring new products into the Irish market in recent years. This has accelerated due to some increased anxiety over the whole Google, Trump, China thing. While that whole thing sucks, the up-side is that we get lots of new toys which traditionally were kept for other countries or even just China. One of these...

Closca Face Mask Review: Reusable, Sustainable, Filter Cloth Face Mask

closca face mask in aldi
Face masks or face coverings are set to become mandatory in Ireland. While making them mandatory is a positive step for public health, it brings with it a risk of increased waste as a result of single-use, disposable masks. I've been testing out a reusable filtered cloth face mask produced by Closca Design. Here's everything you need...