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Entertainment is much more than just Glenroe on a Sunday evening these days. We look at the latest movie trailers and Netflix binge-worthy shows to bring you the best entertainment news.

EA Sports UFC 4 Review

Ever since Fight Night, I've been enamored by fighting games, so when UFC 4 landed on my desk, bet your ass I was excited to throw off a few slaps. Anyway UFC 4 recently hit the stores after a 2 year hiatus since UFC 3. Adding big name boxers into the mix in Tyson Fury and Joshua was always...

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Every so often a game stands out from the crowd. Not because it's got superior graphics, not because it's got the longest story line in history and not because it's got some massive price tag. Sometimes it's the beautifully simple that takes center stage and that's absolutely the case with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. This title is currently free...

F1 2020 Game Review: Strap In For One Hell Of A Ride

f1 2020 review
I've always been a fan of Formula One games. From the original racers to EA's F1 Manager game, there's a scratch that comes with being an F1 fan that these games scratch. The F1 2020 game is out and the latest instalment from Codemasters is by far the most comprehensive F1 game to date. If you want...

EKSA E900 Pro: A Cheap But Excellent Gaming Headset

EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset
When you run a tech review website, you get a lot of cold emails. The vast majority of them are junk, generic emails that get no further thought beyond me wondering why they didn't end up in spam. A few months back, an email landed in that I nearly didn't pay any attention. It was offering me...

7500 Movie Review: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Returns To The Big Small Amazon Prime Screen

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 7500
I'm a sucker for things to do with planes. Flight simulator "games", Air Crash Investigation shows and movies like Flight with Denzil Washington. Hook them up to my veins. I was surprised when scrolling through Amazon Prime that there's a new movie called 7500 starting Joseph Gordon-Levitt that I hadn't heard of. So I hit play.

PlayStation 5 Launching In Ireland: Your Questions Answered

ps5 launch in ireland
It's coming. PlayStation 5 will be launching in Ireland this year. Exciting right? Ahead of Sony's next-gen console launching in Ireland, here's everything you need to know about PlayStation 5. We'll be updating this post in future too. PS5: Key Specs CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable...

Free games on PlayStation Plus June 2020 Edition

PlayStation Plus June 2020
One of the great things about gaming these days is free Playstation games! Yes, you read that correctly. Free. Well, not completely free. In order to avail of these free games, you need to sign up for Playstation gaming subscription service, "PlayStation Plus". What is PlayStation Plus? For a very reasonable monthly fee of 9.99 a month, you gain access to...

PS5 Announcement Incoming! What’s in store for the next generation of gaming?

We've been following the upcoming PS5 for a while now and since the announcement of the Dualsense controller, excitement has been at peak levels. Thankfully the wait to know more is almost at an end, and for us, there are few things as exciting as the launch of a new console. Now as a result of Corona and all...

Das Fone Hell: Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill’s Short Movie

Helena Bonham Carter playing a smartphone
I spotted this randomly on Twitter and I loved it. It's a tweet from Jurassic Park start Sam Neill. Himself and Helena Bonham Carter have created a short film called Das Fone Hell. In just 2 minutes and 19 seconds, they cover quite a bit. Here's why short films like this are badly needed right now. I'm also going...

Jelle’s Marble Runs: MarbleLympics 2020 Gets John Oliver Sponsorship

The Marble League 2020
I miss sports. I'm a Liverpool fan. Two wins away from the first league in thirty years. I'm a F1 fan too. The new season was paused hours before it was due to start. All of that said, there are more important things to life than sports. However, there are plenty of people who get through to their workweek...