Unboxing: FreeFly VR headset

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced his expectations for VR to be the next platform, so it’s best you get yourself a good VR headset. We’re looking at some of the affordable options on the market. Kicking things off is the FreeFly VR headset.

What do you get with the FreeFly VR headset

What is in the FreeFly VR headset box-w800-h600Included in the box is the FreeFly VR headset, the Glide VR and two booklets. While one is the usual instruction manual, the other is a booklet of recommended apps and requirements to get you up and running.

The bluetooth controller is rather small, but still is all you really need to control your handset which will be sitting within the headset casing.

What smartphones is the FreeFly VR headset compatible with?

The headset is compatible with any smartphone larger than 135mm up to 165mm. It also doesn’t discriminate between iOS and Android devices. This paves the way for larger devices such as the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but does rule out the iPhone 5s and iPhone SE.

First impressions of the FreeFly VR

This is just a first look at this particular device, but initial impressions are very good. I’ve been using the Samsung Gear VR for a while now and the FreeFly VR is right up there. Arguably, this model is more comfortable than the Gear VR and the inclusion of the Glide VR controller is a gesture to really get your attention. Perhaps the best feature of all is that this is a completely universal VR headset, so once your phone is a suitable size, you won’t face the same restrictions that we see with the Gear VR.

We will return with a full review of the FreeFly VR shortly, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates. If you’re already interested, the FreeFly VR is available on Amazon.co.uk now and is discounted to Amazon Prime customers.

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