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zooming gifs

The internet is a strange place with some very strange obsessions, with zooming GIFs being the latest to make the list of oddities. While we put the pronunciation of GIF arguments to one side for a moment, we dive deep…no deeeeeeep into zooming GIFs.

What are zooming GIFs?

This might be fairly self explanatory, but to be on the safe side here’s the low down. Zooming GIFs are animated captures at either 0% or 100% zoom that gradually move to 100% or 0% zoom respectively. These images are created by extremely high quality cameras that have incredible zooming ability. The purpose of the zooming GIFs is really just the nerdy enjoyment of seeing how far cameras can zoom these days. Arguably, there is also a certain element of voyeurism involved too.

What started this zooming GIFs trend?

An international team, led by photographer Filippo Blengin, and supported by the typical industry standards such as SanDisk and Canon, set out to create the world’s largest panoramic shot of Mont Blanc in France. The team are now proud owners of a stunning image panoramic shot available on their site, a Guinness World Record and the knowledge that they have inspired the latest trend on the internet.


Aren’t zooming GIFs a little creepy?

No, but they have the potential to be a lot creepy. As with everything, this all starts out pretty innocent, but already within the dedicated Reddit thread, things get a little pervy from time to time with zooming GIFs focussed on unknowing sunbathers. Yeah, actually it’s totally creepy.

Top five zooming GIFs

We’re not in the business of sharing pervy GIFs, so here are my own favourites.

  1. Zooming in on moon at night

My god the frustration that it doesn’t keep going.

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  1. The power of zoom

Nothing of interest per se, but just look at the distance away that mountain is.

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  1. The Simpsons couch gag

No-one said all zooming GIFs had to be real life.

Simpsons Zoom Couch Gag Gif

  1. Beach zooming GIF

You won’t find bikinis or boobs or the likes here, but this is a cool zooming GIF showing how you can easily creep on the beach from a distance. Really creepy.

My sleep is precious, I just need to confirm before going out


  1. The Guinness World Record Holder

Sorry if you were holding out for the bikini shot, no can do. Number 1 spot had to be the already referenced world record holding In2White.

You can find loads more in the brand spanking new community found on Reddit dedicated to zooming GIFs.

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