First Phone of 2019: Huawei Announce the New P smart

huawei p smart 2019
Over the past few years, I’ve made no secret of how annoying it is to see smartphones being rolled out for the sake of it. Without major upgrades or innovation, many of the world’s phone makers were just going through the motions. Then last year happened. Google entered the Irish market with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, Xiaomi also entered the Irish market and Huawei launched the two best phones we’ve seen in a long time. But they were flagship smartphones for people looking for the best of the best, most likely on contract. 
Huawei was straight out of the blocks on New Year’s Eve, announcing the Huawei P smart 2019. Considering you can expect to see the P smart 2019 launch in the sub-€200 price range and given that 2018 was the year of Huawei, I think this could be a very exciting phone for the price. Here’s what to expect.

Key Features of the Huawei P smart 2019

Between the info Huawei has already sent over to me and some of the news coming out of CES 2019 in Las Vegas, we already know quite a bit about the 2019 version of the P smart. Here we go….

The P smart 2019 Looks Great

Straight off the bat, the Huawei P smart 2019 looks stunning. To maximise screen size, Huawei has opted for the dewdrop style camera placement on the front of their mid-level. Along with the wee-bezels that surround the 6.2-inch screen, the P smart 2019 looks gorgeous.

Huawei has not only crafted the P smart to be aesthetically pleasing physically, but they’ve cleverly added some software smarts to make looking at this phone much more pleasant. Thanks to a new TÜV Rheinland-certified Eye Comfort Mode, the P smart 2019 will be grand for those of you who spend extended periods of time binging on Netflix or YouTube on your phone.

The Camera Should Be A Treat

The quality of smartphone cameras has started to blow my mind. I think we’re heading towards a day where those big DSLRs are a thing of the past, honestly. I could never say how good the camera is going to be until I’ve actually seen it, but on paper the P smart 2019 is looking good. Why?

Well, everyone is mad for this bokeh shots. They’re those photos where the subject is clear and the background is all blurry. Super stylish stuff. The P smart 2019 will have dual-primary lenses comprising of a 13MP and 2MP camera. It’s one of the more unusual setups given the 2MP secondary lens in the setup, but fingers crossed Huawei continue their new tradition of incredible shooters. 

Flip the phone over and you get a wide-angle 8MP. For both sides of this phone’s camera rig I’ll reserve judgement until I have a proper look.

Plenty of Power Under the Hood

The days of value mid-range phones being sluggish and laggy are gone. The P smart 2019 will be powered by a brand new Kirin 710 chipset. I won’t bore you with the details behind this chip, but trust me when I say Huawei has also made a habit of landing incredible chips to power their smartphones lately.

But the best chipset in the world will do nothing without actual power. Keeping in line with Huawei packing some of the best spec in without swelling the price, the P smart 2019 boats a 3400 mAh battery. That should be more than enough for fairly heavy users to still get a full day out of their new phone and maybe even two days for light users.

All in all, it’s a long time since a mid-range phone has gotten me excited. Ok, maybe some of the Xiaomi phones have shaken up that part of the market, but the P smart 2019 could be one of the first mid-range phones that starts to move the price of great smartphones down a few pegs.

Remember, there was a time where the most advanced phone on the market was the Nokia 3310. Adjusting for inflation, that phone cost about €230 back in the day. I hope we’re working towards that being the most anyone should ever need to pay for a smartphone.

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