HTC One M10 leaked images

HTC ONE m10 Leaked image

What a magical time of year it is, as images of the HTC One M10 have just been leaked in the same week the Samsung Galaxy S7 is set for launch.

What does the leak show us?

The M10 has been leaked by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, aka @Evleaks who is well known for reputable leaks of new handsets. From the leak we can see the design of HTC’s 2016 flagship has moved towards the design of last year’s demi-flagship the HTC One A9.

A fingerprint scanner very similar to that seen on the A9 is visible at long last, with the front camera lens looking like it will be in excess of Samsung’s 5MP efforts this year. We can also see the chamfered edges on the rear which appears to be an emerging trend, with a potential launch date also given. The clock on the device shows the date April 19th, almost certainly confirming the launch date.

HTC ONE M10 TEASERHow likely is this leak to be genuine?

In a word; very. A few weeks back, HTC released a teaser showing chamfered edges and little else. This should be enough to make evident these leaks are genuine. If not, the fact @Evleaks is involves should remove that little inkling of doubt.

That’s all we have for now, but we’re sure more will emerge in the coming weeks, leading up to the April 19th

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