Google Trends Ireland: The year so far

search history gifIs this you whenever your search history gets mentioned? Your search history can tell alot about you, as can that of a nation. Google Trends provides some great insight into how Ireland searches Google and what the nation is thinking about.

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What have Irish people been searching for on Google?

Top Google searches

facebook google searchStraight to it! The most common searches wont surprise anyone too much. These are the kind of searches that everyone makes as soon as they turn on their computer. Top spot is held by Zuckerberg’s Facebook, followed by Google themselves and YouTube.

News and weather are the only non traditional online services that people are searching for the most in Ireland.

Growth in searches is where things get more interesting. Here are the searches, in order, experiencing the greatest growth:

Windows 10

windows 10 google searchSo all Microsoft had to do was release a free version of its operating system to generate a bit of buzz. Windows 10 tops the Rising Google Trends list following their free upgrade program which is still open. This is extremely interesting, as 1250% increase in searches suggests there are a huge amount of everyday computer users seeking to upgrade their operating system. A few years ago these users wouldn’t have considered it possible they do this themselves. Technology is going in the right direction.

Conor McGregor

conor mcgregor google searchLove him or hate him, the Notorious Conor McGregor has a distinct ability to make the headlines. While his rise to the top of the UFC has been meteoric, his rise in the Google rankings has been equally impressive with an impressive 130% increase in searches. We’re sure if he could give it all up for the title of top rising search term in Google, he would.


Show Box APKIs it legal or isn’t it? No one seems to care about the app that’s so deep in a grey area it needs a safe-word (50 Shades joke there). Showbox sits in third position on the rising trends table. Just like Windows 10, this shows people are adopting technology to consume entertainment in new ways. Go you. You can get Showbox for Android by following this guide.


AirbnbSticking with this theme is Airbnb. Crowd sourcing everything is a hot trend in itself with Indiegogo and Kickstarter leading the way. In terms of the public however, Airbnb is dominating the public heart. Up until recently, the cost of travelling would be inflated by accommodation. Airbnb allows people to rent out their own home for cash. So simple, and popular, it’s experiencing a 100% increase in searches.

Euro to Dollar

Because of insane fluctuations and people doing the bit of travelling, the exchange rate is up 60% in Google Searches.

Slimming World

Slimming World DublinFirst it was Weight Watchers, but now it’s Slimming World. Slimming World has become one of Ireland’s most popular ways to lose weight. So if you are considering giving it a go, now you know you’re not alone!

Now we must all wait patiently for the annual report to be released by Google in early January. Keep an eye on out social as we’ll be dissecting that as soon as possible.



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