Best Startups at Web Summit 2015

Best Startups at Web Summit

Now that we’ve nailed down Automation, Big Data and the protection of that collected data as a key topic at this year’s Web Summit, we’ve shifted our focus towards the best startups at Web Summit 2015.

Frink – Free drink

Frink drink app web summitGiven the tendency of the Irish market to enjoy the odd pint, Frink should prove massively popuilar for Night Summit attendees. Frink, a Greek company based in Athens, exists to drive punters to bars and clubs by offering them their first drink free. There is no cost to you as the user, with the pub being happy in the knowledge there is no such thing as going for one pint.

It’s really that simple, but you’ll need an Android phone, with the iOS app still in the works. So if you’re around the Dublin area tonight you can avail of a Frink in selected bars, including Café en Seine and Bruxelles.

Well Dressed – Mens personal smartphone stylist

welldressed app web summitIf you’re heading out for a pint, you can’t be looking like you were dragged through a bush backwards. WellDressed uses a simple selfie to find an outfit that will have you ready to go on the pull. While women are generally concerned about their shape and how clothes sit on the body, WellDressed instead focuses on men’s faces and skin tone to find outfits that accentuate the face. Apparently, that’s what men do!

The wardrobe that the app references is two fold. WellDressed recommends clothes to you which you can purchase, or it will choose from the wardrobe you already own after you’ve uploaded the contents. The choice of clothes put out by the app even changes depending on season an weather to make sure you don’t freeze your nuts off!

WellDressed, your personal stylist, is currently available for download on iOS.

Teamer – The smart five-a-side solution

After getting all dressed up to hit the town for pints, are you the one who pulls the plug on five-a-side at the last minute. We all have that one mate who bails leaving the game hanging by a thread. Teamer is a smart solution where you can manage team lists for sports teams. Typically, your five-a-side team is likely to have a base of 18 players who swap in and out as time permits every week. Teamer allows you to manage that list, have a starting ten and guys on standby too!

Teamer can even manage the payments too, so that guy who sneaks away every week to get money from his car will finally be paying up!

The use of the app is free, with a small charge in place should you manage payments through the app too.

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