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Kicking off our monthly look at some of the best Irish websites is, providers of pop up greeting cards.

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The Company

paper bear pop up, was founded by Katie Delaney and Aaron Dowling following a trip to Spain. Just a few years later and they now stock over 200 unique designs. These cards are simply amazing, and really need to be seen to be believed.

The team at are great too as they openly invite people to make suggestions, stating many of their newest creations “come from customer’s feedback and recommendations”.

Also commendable is the value this high quality cards are available for. I don’t think anybody has ever visited Hallmark and said, “Jesus that’s great value for a card that’s going to be briefly looked at before being locked in a drawer for years”. For the same price if not better, you can get quality cards from an Irish company that will really wow who ever you are giving the card to. Chances are they’ll be showing it off to people saying how wonderful you are. Double win.

The Website

Order greeting cards is a clean site, with a general theme that really suits the overall company look and feel. Functionality wise, the site needs a little bit of time and work. Primarily, a little focus is required on the bundling together of cards in their special offers, as it’s completely manual at the moment and the homepage slider is non-clickable. With that said, the quality of the merchandise completely outweighs the few shortcomings of the site, and while we are a tech site ourselves, we appreciate a good greeting card apparently.


It’s always best to have an few auld cards stuck away in a drawer somewhere, and in a real emergency, these cards could easily be considered a gift in their. encourages you to stock up a little, with free next day delivery on items over €10, 3 for €10 offers and 2 deluxe cards also €10.

Also, follow the team on their Facebook page. They can regularly be found at various markets, where you can go and see these cards in person.

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