Review: Sausage Party

The combination of Sony Pictures and Seth Rogan to create Sausage Party didn’t promise much, but we popped along to have a look.

What is Sausage Party about?

Sausage PartyToy Story with food. That’s the really short synopsis. Sausage Party is based in a world where your food lives and has feelings. Living in a supermarket just ahead of the July 4th celebrations in America. The food is in a party mood and looking forward to getting out of the supermarket. As it starts out, Sausage Party concerns itself with little more than building on the pun of a hotdog belonging inside a bun and other sexual innuendos. Eventually, the movie grows as a jar of honey mustard is returned to store after being brought to a customer’s home by mistake. He recants the tales of woe he has experienced and witnessed. It’s now a journey towards survival for the food.

Is it any good?

So, writing that last paragraph was tough. Explaining the premise of a movie about food fighting back again customers is ridiculous. Everything about the film means it should be awful. Seth Rogan is always hit and miss, so too are the studio, Sony Pictures. Finally, the previews show the entire movies foundations are awash with innuendos.

Sausage Party is hilarious. The world’s first r-rated, fully CGI movie ticks a few boxes of brilliance.

From foods popping out to the sound of food-based puns to history lessons told through the medium of food, Sausage Party is a lot funnier and intelligent that we ever imagined it could be. The creators massively pushed the envelope of what is allowed on screen too because, let’s face it, it’s a cartoon and it’s food, not people.

Should I go see Sausage Party?

With some other decent movies in the cinema at the moment, Sausage Party is probably up there with the best of the lot. If not the best, it’s definitely one of the funniest. We saw a few people leaving early, possibly offended, so just know what to expect.


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Sausage Party
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sausage-partyIt's no Oscar winner, but there's a little more to Sausage Party than sexual innuendos. There's a load of food puns too. All in all, it's harmless fun with a ridiculous closing scene.

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