Messenger Games: Take on your friends with some retro gaming

Like Hansel in Zoolander, retro gaming is so hot right now. Facebook have followed up on the addictive hidden games within their Messenger service. In the past, we’ve wasted hours playing games like “keepy-uppy” and basketball. Facebook has stepped it up with a retro Messenger games that you can find in the Instant Games tab.

Why bring gaming to Messenger?

After testing the water with some pop-up games, the idea proved popular with users. Messenger basketball was played over 1.2 billion times.  The Facebook team are not ones to overlook an opportunity to please the masses. Instant Games builds on the early tests, providing proper gaming hub. This hub goes a step further than encouraging you to game. Instant Games is full of retro classics like Pacman.

Pacman is one of the Messenger GamesOf course, the real reason Facebook have introduced Instant Games is the social aspect. It’s incredibly competitive as we’ve already discovered here in Goos3D HQ. Dean has emerged as a bit of a hero when it comes to the classic block-smashing Arkanoid. We’re all chasing his top-score.

How to play Messenger Games

It’s pretty straight forward to get started setting high scores with your friends.

  • Make sure your messenger app is up to date with the latest version
  • Open up a conversation with your friend
  • Tap the game controller icon
  • Select the Messenger game you want to play
  • Enjoy ripping your mates when they fall short of your high-score

What games can you play in Messenger?

Facebook have opted for loads of retro games to kick off Instant Games. You can play Pacman, Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Track and Field and Words with Friends. Go on and give it a go. If you want to get some practice in before taking on your friends, challenge us to a game. Open the Messenger app on your smartphone, select “scan code” then scan this image.

Goos3D messenger codeWe’ll get around to beating your high score when we can.

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