Making a Murderer: Anonymous Account a Fake

Anonymous Making a Murderer

Following a spate of articles from reputable sources such as The Next Web and a supporting Twitter account, many believed that infamous hacktivist group Anonymous were hot on the heals of the men the internet believes framed Steven Avery. It would appear that the internet’s excitement and desire to have more information on the Making a Murderer case has lead everyone up the garden path.

Note, that from here on in there will be spoilers for Netflix series Making a Murderer.

Making a Murderer is a worldwide phenomenon, which we recently predicted to be the talk of the town. The docu-series surrounds the court case of Steven Avery, an American man who served 17 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and then two years later accused of murdering a young female photographer.

Officers in Making a MurdererTwitter has lit up in recent days with armchair lawyers, armed only with Wikipedia, researching every element of the case which has been presented in this Netflix Original to suggest Avery has been set up by police. The series concludes with Avery being sentenced to life in prison, which has left the internet furious. Much to the public’s delight, infamous hacktivists Anonymous appeared to emerge as knights in shining armour creating a Twitter account and promising to divulge incriminating evidence depicting the untoward actions of the police (left) involved in the Avery case. Sure enough their self-imposed deadline came and went with nothing released, as the Twitter account began to make strange changes leading to it looking fake.

Further to support that this account is the tweet from 0hour1, an account with known connections to Anonymous according to this Reddit feed.

While I love Netflix and Twitter, it’s really a sign of the times that we crave knowledge now. There is no waiting for the next episode as everyone online appears to be following the “binge on Making a Murderer” followed by anger followed by rampant Google searches for more information. This naturally led to loads of news sources running with false information, showing the perils of modern day news sources.

So there you have it, you might be craving more and more, but be wary of online sources.

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