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seaspiracy review

Seaspiracy Review: 2021’s Most Important Documentary

I was left staring at the screen with my jaw as on the floor as humanly possible. By 2048, our oceans could be empty...
making a murderer season two

Making a Murderer Season Two: The Steven Avery Updates

Three years ago, a complete phenomenon took over on Netflix. It was called Making a Murderer. This documentary told the story of Steven Avery,...
new on netflix afflicted

Afflicted: New Netflix Docu-series You’ll Struggle to Relate To

Afflicted is one of the latest Netflix Original releases. The docu-series looks into the lives of people who seem to be suffering from allergies...
Netflix Ireland in May

What’s on Netflix Ireland in May

Sorry, I know we're late - soz. If you can forgive us we'd like to motor on with bringing you the very best of...