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I’m on a big thing at the minute. I’m trying to adjust things in my life with a massive focus on user experience. Things like keeping the sink clear, so when I dirty a dish I can actually wash it. Yeah, believe it or not I don’t have a dishwasher! I love my Eufy robovac, but I do find it a little awkward from time to time in my small apartment. I didn’t really think about this until Dyson sent the Omni Glide over to review. When you get your hands on something like this you really see what you’ve been missing out on. Like all of this.

Meet The Dyson Omni Glide Vacuum

Dyson revealed the Dyson Omni Glide earlier this year and after being on sale in the United States for some time already, is now available in Ireland too. I’ve been testing it out and here’s what you need to know.

Design: A Vacuum Designed For Hard Floors

The Omni Glide has been designed for use on hard floors and that’s where it absolutely excels. The secret to Dyson vacuums success goes beyond their suction with motorised heads also ensuring maximum pickup. The star of the show for the Omni Glide is the motorised double soft roller motorised head. With two rollers running in opposite directions, this head gobbles up lots of different dirt and debris without hesitancy.

I got to live out a life long dream of vacuuming up a deliberately spilled mess, just like an infomercial

The head also has castors which make help justify the vacuum’s “Omni Glide” name. Dyson has incorporated a flexible neck too which combined with everything else means you can clean your floors with an effortless ballet of movement, nimbly moving between the legs of chairs and tables for a deep clean.

Other aspects of the design worth noting is that this vacuum is quite short. I’m 5 foot 10 inches tall and it’s fine for me but much more than that and you might start to feel your hunching over a bit. The reason behind this being quite short is that on hard floors you’re less likely to need to put elbow grease into your cleaning. That means if you do want to take on a carpet or rug, which it’s not designed for, it can be a bit of a challenge. More on that later.

More important is the fact that the Omni Glide is nice and light with a tiny footprint. Weighing in at 1.5kg and always being in reach without being in the way means this vacuum meets all my requirements for UX-ing my life. Coming from a man who believed a robot was the ultimate cleaning solution, I really like using this Dyson vac.

Functionality: A Perfect Vacuum In The Right Scenario

One thing became immediately apparent when using the Omni Glide. Straying from what the Omni Glide is designed for means you really feel some of the limitations. Fortunately, the list of non-ideal scenarios to use this particular Dyson is short. Basically, if you live in a home with just hard floors, this is perfect. If you have carpets this isn’t the vacuum for you.

I do have a sizeable rug and one of the heads that comes with the Omni Glide is able to handle this area but it takes a long time and time isn’t something you get a lot of with the Dyson given it offers about 20-minute battery life. That’s plenty of battery for all the hard floors in my apartment, but I’d have to skip the rug or if I’m doing the rug, I’ll have to recharge before doing the hard floors and a full recharge does take a sizeable chunk of time at 3.5 hours.

Even with the rug, I still think the Omni Glide is the perfect choice for my apartment. Using my Sage Bambino I spill coffee on the floor every single day and having this vacuum clipped to the way means in just a few seconds I’ve cleaned the mess up effortlessly. There are other massive benefits to the small size of the Omni Glide. While it’s a vacuum for my floors, it quickly doubles as a really powerful handheld for finding all that popcorn between the cushions on the couch. The 20-minute battery is also loads of time to give the car a quick clean and dusting too. Extremely handy given our parking spot is away from the apartment and free from and power outlets. Not an issue my robovac offered a solution for.

Other Omni Glide Features

That’s the key points of this new Dyson vac covered off, but there is more.

The Bin

The bin is where all the dirt is stored. It’s quite low capacity so you’ll have to empty it after every two cleaning runs or so. To make your life a little easier, there’s some classic Dyson design on show. You get to unleash your inner child a bit too because emptying the Omni Glide feels a bit like using a pump-action shotgun. This means you can dump the dirt without having to used your hands.

Bits And Bobs Included

The pack you when you buy the Omni Glide includes a few bits and bobs. You’ll get a great fitting for the wall which helps keep the vacuum in reach but out of the way. It’s nice and easy to fix too with everything you need, even a pencil, included.

You also get multiple fittings to transform your vacuum for different scenarios. These fittings turn the Omni Glide into a handheld, perfect for the car or getting into those hard to reach nooks and crannies. My kit included a second mini motorised head which is specifically designed for couches and stairs. This is the one I used on the rug which, while wasn’t ideal, did the job.

The accessories are super easy to swap around and change with the quick press of a button.

The Verdict: Dyson Omni Glide

We need to accept that there’s not a Dyson review that goes by where I don’t say “oo’er, that’s a bit spicy on the pricey” and at €400 the Omni Glide is no different. But it’s the perfect vacuum for a small home like mine. If you only have hard floors and believe you can cover your square footage in just twenty minutes, this is a worthwhile investment. If you have a rug or carpets, suddenly, it’s a less perfect solution. It’s still manageable, but some marks get lost.

I love the flexibility, both in terms of the Omni Glide head and the fact I can clean the car away from a power outlet. It’s always to hand for quick clean up jobs which means the relatively short battery life and long charge time aren’t an issue.

The Dyson Omni Glide is now available in Ireland for €399.

Watch: 60 Intro To Dyson Omni Glide

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dyson-omni-glide-reviewIt only loses design marks for being a bit on the short side which will hinder some. Some marks lost for being a bit of a pain on the one rug in our gaff and a less than perfect battery life. But who wants to spend more than 20-minutes vacuuming anyway. It's a neat and tidy, dare I say cute vacuum which I think is about as cool as they get. It's not cheap, but it's unlikely you'll find a better vacuum for the size.