The Smart Address Finder: Eircode

It’s finally happened. Ireland has postcodes, we just call them Eircodes. Here’s a quick overview for you.

An Post certainly don’t need Eircodes. This guy tested out their delivering ability

Eircode Low Down

Basically, every Irish address now has been assigned an Eircode. We’re not going to go into the finer details because, to be fair, you can read about them almost everywhere today. Check out this Irish Times article for all the basics.

How do I find my Eircode?

Your smartphone provides the most efficient way to find your Eircode. As your phone as location services, you can easily locate your phone and then also find your Eircode. This is also great for finding out your other important Eircode locations, such as work and home home.

But I can only check 15 Eircodes?

Yeah, that limit should never be a problem. The 15 check limit is in place to make sure commercial bodies don’t exploit the free address checker service, although…

Are we going to have those stupid Postcode Lottery ads now?

We don’t know anything about the quality of the ads they create, but there is an Eircode Lottery website up and running. It looks just as tacky as the UK ads.

Isn’t Eircode great then?

That’s not up to us. That’s up to the public.

While some of the Eircodes appearing today might be a little questionable…

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